Cleveland, Ohio, USA

. The explosion of afro-beat, electronic texture, heavy groove, and polyrhythmic danceable layers. Voted best World/Ethnic group in the 2007,2008 and 2010 Cleveland FreeTimes Music Awards.


five individuals and making something that's cohesive and without pretension can be a tall order. Mifune knows this. The diversity of elements that make up this group is akin to spinning around and around in a record store stopping and pointing at random sections. The amalgamation of styles is nothing new in American music, and Mifune hails from the true America, the gritty, post-industrial gem of a town, Cleveland, Ohio. This reality is fuel for the funky poly-rhythms, tight harmonies, soulful vocals and the blazing horns that create the irresistible pulse that marks the groups' compositions. Live, the group inspires an atmosphere as diverse as their components. Sure, the deep rooted grooves will make you dance, but it's also all at once a joyful, thought-provoking, and passionate affair. With two albums out: "afro-electronique" 2006 and 2008's "time is watching us", Mifune continues the quest to bottle their unique sound on wax.


ON- Ep-self released may 2005
Afro-Electronique- released on Oct. 6th 2006
Time is Watching Us- Released Nov 28th 2008
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