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.....In saying this, the biggest surprise of the evening also emerged from the tiny stage set up in the corner of the bar in the form of the slightly girl-bandish monikered Mighty Atomics.

If there is one thing that made this indie-fest worthwhile to any non-indie followers, it was these guys.

Heavily channeling the musical stylings of The Sonics, this three piece bang out the kind of simplistic blusey rock numbers that work so, so well thanks to their 'just fucking plough into it' attitude. The band's singer has a wonderfully deadpan voice not unlike a young Ian Curtis that belies his tender youth.

If you are going to check any band out based on this festival, or indeed this review, make it these guys.

- Connected.ie

"Noddzzz in Whelans"

The third band, Mighty Atomics, did a sterling job playing to an empty but quietly filling upstairs in Whelans. There are, unavoidably, elements of pastiche in their pure, un-scuzzy 60s garage rock sound, but they wear it lightly and, compared with the heavily affected, boring mess that comes out of some other Irish “garage” homage, it’s a different world.

They’re a three-piece, guitar, bass and drums. There’s something appealing about a guitar sound that is unapologetically loud, taking up all the space like only a power-trio guitarist can. It reminds me a little of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists when they toured here as a three-piece, the way that Ted (with a similar hollowbody) had this massive, beautiful guitar sound, more loud than distorted. So yeah. Mighty Atomics. Not something I’d listen to every day maybe, but I wouldn’t be sad if they supported the next thing I saw."

- thosegeese.wordpress.com


Still working on that hot first release.



Formed in early 2008, Mighty Atomics as a reaction to the lack of good rock 'n' roll bands in Dublin, Mighty Atomics quickly cemented themselves as a formidable live band across Ireland and into Europe. Having played hundreds of gigs in their short life span, they truly are a well oiled rock'n'roll machine. They're gearing up to release their self-titled debut album, record in Dublin's famous Sun Studios.