Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

An eclectic and sophisticated alternative rock, with intermittent harmonies and kinetic improvisational masterpieces.


Mightychondria is a collection of mature and polished musicians from the Delaware Valley area that are working hard and fast in their goal to become a prominent force of rock on the Philadelphia music scene. An eclectic and sophisticated alternative rock, with intermittent harmonies and kinetic, yet eloquent jams is what manifests in their live performances.

Strong musicianship is prevalent in the number of original songs that they've created spanning the musical spectrum from pop to avant-jazz. Mightychondria hopes to humbly and loosely relate their unique sound to as many music lovers as time and luck will allow.


My Morning

Written By: Spencer Pheil

What to Say?
A day like any day...
Give a smile & a wave.

My car waits...
It's parked curbside;
Underneath a stop sign

My cracked windshield...
Has some frost on it.
It's cold in the city today.

It's just my morning.

Cars just crawl...
inch by inch.
Morning sun makes me squint

Radio News
Unbiased views

2 more miles...
to my exit.
I'm already running behind.

Any Given Day

Written By: Spencer Pheil

Well I realize that nothing is free
What do I feel I deserve?
I’ll tell you what terrifies me…
To be old and look and I say, “I might’ve lived…
Better than how I did”
There just ain’t no progress this feeling can’t stand it
I feel like I’m hanging around.
Could it be the town I’m in?

It’s hard to tell if we’re okay
We aint’ getting younger and it’s hard to see it any other way.
It’s easy to take for granted all the things you got on any given day.

I hear traffic and it’s morning now.
Pull myself together.
I’m the only one to blame for this.
Grip tightens on the wheel
I don’t wanna’ give up like this
Just feel like I’m hanging around

It’s hard to tell if we’re okay
We aint’ getting younger and it’s hard to see it any other way.
It’s easy to take for granted all the things you got on any given day.


Written By: Spencer Pheil

I was let down…

I was lied too…

I took on the chin.

Hit me when I wasn’t looking…

I ain’t gonna’ calm down.

Ain’t gonna’ be your friend.

And if it’s reconciliation your looking for baby keep searchin’

I won’t become no prisoner.

I was a fool.

Let you get to close

You wanna’ lock me in a cage

And throw away the key.

But I figured you out.

in just the nick of time.

My blood begin to boil

My love it turn to stone

This duo run it’s course. It’s time to dance alone

Summer Song

Written By: Spencer Pheil

All summer I’d wait
3 months for you to find your way
You keep sayin’ the burden’s too great
And you can’t take it 1 more day
You say; “anything’s better than here…anything’s better than this”.

Don’t try and feed me a line
We’ll see what occurs in good time
All in good time

12 weeks 90 some odd days
Stormy night. Humid Haze
I don’t wanna’ look back
Constantly back-track,
Decide where I went wrong.
You’ve got me my guard’s down
The night makes a new sound;
It’s hope; and I wanna’ believe

Don’t try and feed me a line
We’ll see what occurs in good time
All in good time

I don’t wanna’ see us fade.


Written By: Spencer Pheil

One Halloween night I was walking down the street;
Rooting through my candy for something to eat.
When all of a sudden; out of the blue;
Out jumped a monster pointing at me; Saying; “YOU!”
I jumped with fear as fright filled the night.
He reached at his hand; was it his left or his right?
This monster was big…about 8 feet tall
When he asked me if I was tasty…
I said, “No! Not at all!”’
His body was bare except for some shoes.
Should I run or stay? I just had to choose.
I feel to my knees and began to beg.
Crying on his feet and pulling on his leg.
I looked up in the sky and the monster was gone.
Was he hiding in a bush or in someone’s lawn.
I got up slowly and walked down the street…
Never again will I say…“Trick or Treat”

Down came the rain, and then came the thunder.
I thanked the Lord, for the roof I was under.
Now finished with my prayers, I went back to bed.
When I head a loud knocking, that rang through my head.

Who would come knocking, so late at night?
As I got out of bed, using all of my might.
I put on my slippers, and with candle in hand.
I walked to the door, and asked like a man.

Who is it? I asked, without a stutter.
But I heard no response, not even a mutter.
It must've been nothing, I said to myself.
As I blew out my candle and set it on the shelf.

As I pulled up my covers, and lied down my head.
I heard a loud knocking, that shook the bed.
More angry than fearful, as I reached for my candle,
I ran to the door, and grabbed the handle.

I threw open the door, but saw not a thing.
As the lightening flashed, with a gust of wind.
RATS! I screamed, as I slammed the door.
The water from my clothes, dripped on the floor.

Just standing there wet, soaked to my slippers.
When I heard a noise, as soft as a whisper.
There was a rumble, from under my bed.
I stood up straight, and I turned my head.

But to my despair and to my dismay.
There stood a toad, as bright as day.
I roared with laughter, and thanked the Lord.
But was quick to shut up, when he drew a sword.

"give me your money", I heard him say.
"give it now, and don't delay!"
I reached for my wallet, and that's when he said.
"no quick moves…or else you're dead!"

"Hurry up, hurry up!"; he started to hollar.
As I reached in my wallet, and grabbed twenty dollars.
He took my money, boy did he ever.
When a smile cracked on his face, And he said "Well I never..."
"Never what?"; I asked, with an insisting tone.
"Never thought you'd be afraid, of an itty bitty toad."

Good Behavior

Written By: Spencer Pheil

Tell me how to act
Show me what to do
Cause there ain’t no turning back
If I’m gonna’ see this through

I’ve been living lesson free
And I haven’t paid my dues
I wear my brain upon my sleeve
Is that good enough for you?

Don’t be afraid,
When I finally learn to behave

Creeping through the door,
So you can hear my newest tune,
It’s tame and it’s a bore,
About a man who’s feeling blue

But the words don’t mean a thing.
Cause I’m happy as can be
It’ll be my song to sing
When I’m pretending to be me.

Don’t be afraid
when I finally learn to behave

I used to think out loud
Crippled by anxiety
I was hardly ever proud
I could never fall asleep

Now I’ve changed me for the best,
You can smell it on my breath,
I know I’ve passed this silly test
Now I’m better than the rest

Good behavior
Good behavior

Don’t be afraid
That I’ve finally learned to behave.

Solace in a Drive

Written By: Spencer Pheil

Well I’m through…counting my blessings for a minute.
Tension’s there until it bends all depends on the moment I give in.
The sunlight on my bare skin; sets the mood and I’m finally finished tuning.
Find a rhythm; write a song; I’m just hoping that the words don’t out wrong.
Even when I dream and I’m way up in the sky; I’m chased by all the things I thought I left behind
I take cover in a cloud; but the rain is here by now.

I can’t try to ignore; this old mood won’t work no more

I know it’s such a tired tune; person can’t find peace; now they’re feeling blue.
I take solace in a drive; leave my bullshit far behind.
It’s still unknown what always triggers this; reconstruct my thoughts; something feels amiss.
Reconnect the wires in my head; hang on every word that’s said.
Even when I speak I can hear it in my tone
Everytime I move I feel it in my bones,
I sense panic up my spine and my heart won’t beat on time.

I can’t try to ignore; this old mood won’t work no more

So much tension; no resolution you can’t find a solution
There isn’t any explanation; try as we might no conversation
You can call it an intervention; you leave me behind chasing all of your demons


Written By: Spencer Pheil

Take a walk…on a lake.
Cicadas cry…in our wake.
Ocean wave…grain of sand.
Starry night…uncharted land.
A million shades…of colors bold.
Waterfalls…in lands of ole.

Mountain stone…cicadas cry.
We’re passing through…Tumbling Run.
Full red moon…unbridled sun.

Whatta’ summer….we were young.
Looking back on it.

Elevator Song

Written By: Spencer Pheil

She won’t go
Pick up the pieces but never put them away
Leave them till morning
Light trickles in from the doorway
Cast by the threshold.
Noise down the hall.

Wine…all out.
Beer in the fridge all I got
Your movie is done
You break out my old playing cards

We can’t tell a soul

Why should I tuck you away?

You start throwing stones.
But I’m already teetering now
Look at all our clothing

Time’s run out
Your dressed…your hand on the door.
We hate goodbyes
And we hate being filled with remorse.

I’m going to risk it all
We’re in the elevator
The moment has arrived.


Written By: Spencer Pheil

When they speak to me
I’m not listening
My mind been gone for days
Feel like I’m living in a black hole

I try to think; but the words keep slippin’ away;
I fear; I’ll never see light of day.
I’ve bee living with a dark cloud overhead

Computer screen,
Cubicle, Policy, schedule
I’m not listening


Life In Rewind

Set List

We have copied and pasted a set from a show we did a few months ago below. We typically do 2 sets per show at 1.5 hours per set.

01. Three More Days
02. Any Given Day
03. My Morning
04. Time
05. Change
06. Aint Nothing Gonna Change Me
07. Terrapin Station
08. Jessica
09. Reconciliation
10. Big Ol Brew
11. Late In The Evening
12. Long Way Down
13. Good Behaviour
14. Life In Rewind
15. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
16. Lights
17. Whippin Post
18. Jessica
19. Cozmik Debris
20. Deadline
21. Magic Carpet Ride
22. Elevator Song