Mighty Fairly

Mighty Fairly

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Mighty Fairly is a melody driven rock band. Their sounds have been likened to The Pixies meets The New Pornographers. Pop sensible indie rock that is engaging, hook laden and as the name alludes to, pokes fun at themselves as well.

Band Press

Style – music.for-robots.com, David Brusie

"...it bursts out of the gate with this nonstop energy that's totally infectious."
"...this is the kind of music we depend on for dancing when it's 20 below outside."

Songwriting – Mark Lush of MidwestBands.com

"...I would give the songwriting abilities of Mighty Fairly a 10. They have all the right stuff going on..."
"...A lot of bands that have been playing together forever have a hard time sounding this good! It just seems to come naturally to Mighty Fairly, and that’s a very cool

On Stage Sound – Aaron Neumann, The Pulse

"...think Brian Wilson doing vocal harmonies for Modest Mouse..." - The Pulse of the Twin Cities, Aaron Neumann

Pop Sensibility – Metro Magazine

"Mighty Fairly's tunes are squeaky-clean pop sung with full-throated exuberance..."
- Metro Magazine Robvan Alstyne. Jan 2007

So hip? – Rift Magazine

"...they know how to write a pop song so it's cool and hip."
- Rfit Magazine, Rich Horton - 10/29/2006

Jangle Pop Shine – HybridMagazine.com - Susan Frances, June 2007

"...the music has a jangle pop shine and neo-folk psychedelics creating an optimistic glow like a rainbow around woeful feelings"

Nicely Layered Harmonies – Delusions of Adequacy, Lisa Town, April 2007

"Perfectly Good Airplanes is chock full of catchy hooks, bouncy rhythms, nicely layered harmonies and infectious music that will make nearly any pop lover smile."

Insatiably Upbeat – Amplifier Magazine, Jeff Shelton, March 2007

"...tracks burst with bouncy pop energy, splashy boy/girl vocal harmonies and hooks galore. Their musical approach is clean and strummy, yet insatiably upbeat with some of the tastiest bass lines you’ll hear from a modern pop band."

Absolutely Infectious – Playback Magazine, Amanda Pelle, February 2007

"...thrives on its irresistible, upbeat melody and absolutely infectious lyrics."

Beg to be Played Again and Again – Pulse of the Twin Cities, Andrea Myers

"Full of hooks, bright harmonies and irresistible synthesizer fills, Suemnig writes songs that lodge themselves in the listener’s brain and beg to be played again and again."