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MighTy J represents a collaborative effort in harmony... Three ladies from different music groups who got together to create a fresh sound, sharing a vision of expression without boundaries. Check out MighTy J TV, a vidcast that chronicles the ladies on their music venture, at mightyjmusic.com


Mighty J, formed in 2006, is a collaborative musical effort between three women who are already well established in Hawai'i's music industry: Mailani Makainai of Keahiwai, Tiare "Tiki" Suan of Milo Shade and Jenn "Jroq" Wright of the groups Kanalo and Simple Souls.

Together they form Mighty J to create a unique "World Music" sound that is rooted in the soul of Hawai'i. Their usage of different types of instruments and infusion of different genre knows no bounds.

They are the first band in Hawai'i, and one of the first bands in the world, to chronicle their musical journey utilizing web technology. MighTy J TV is a vidcast that is available for viewing on the band's official website, MighTyJmusic.com. There, you will see the girls as they record their music in studio, rehearse, perform at gigs and do whatever it takes to "make it" in the music industry.

MAILANI MAKAINAI, a member of award-winning girl-band duo, Keahiwai, plays the guitar, sings and writes music for Mighty J. She started singing at age 3, and playing the ukulele at age 13. She debuted her first album in at age 22 and has won numerous music awards to date (see Discography). Since her debut into the music industry, she has also proven her prowess as a songwriter. Mailani is a seasoned performer locally and internationally and has performed in Las Vegas, Oregon, California, Washington and Japan.

TIARE "TIKI" SUAN, a member of the group Milo Shade, is a vocalist and writes music for Mighty J. She started singing at age 9. In 1999, she and a few friends formed the music group, Milo Shade. The name Milo Shade is reminiscent of the many times the group spent playing music under the shade of the Milo trees. Milo Shade released their first break-out hit single, "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" in 2000. Their second album "Sweet One" followed in 2002. A seasoned performer, Tiki has performed statewide as well as nationwide including Oregon and California.

JENN "JRoQ" WRIGHT, member of Simple Souls and Kanalo, is a vocalist, percussionist, drummer and song writer for Mighty J. She began her musical career through FM 100's "Pride of the Islands II" contest where her group, Kanalo, won the 1998 group category for Original composition and performance. In 1999, Kanalo recorded two songs for FM 100's "Pride of the Islands 2" compilation. Their song, "Easy Street" was number 2 in FM 100's "Top 100 Songs of the Year" in 2000. Jenn also recorded the classic Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton duet, "Islands in the Stream" with popular local band, Ten Feet, that won a Hawai'i Music Award for "Song of the Year." She has traveled and performed statewide and nationwide including Las Vegas, California, Guam and Saipan.

For Blogs, Performance Schedules and to watch episodes of MighTy J TV, visit www.mightyjmusic.com!


Calling Out

Written By: M. Makainai, J. Wright

I live in a four walled box, and I
Sometimes wear day-old socks, and I
Drive a white four screened box, that I
Like to call a Ford Escort that
People seem to like to key,
They give me cancer in my left kidney
And now I have to drive on my knees,
Cause somebody stole my bucket seat

Calling out,
People are you listening
Calling out,
Can anybody hear me?

Took a walk to the studio,
Friday night and no place to go
Took a look and checked my cell phone,
Press the phone book button down,
I scroll
To your name,
Are you the same?
Or filled with fame?
Don't let it eat at your brain


So I go to the disco,
And view the big stage
There's a brother who thinks he's a superstar,
With his Fender guitar,
Yet he's flippin' the page
Headstrong, that he truly belongs
But the only thing you play are Bob Marley songs
I love the prophet, don't get me wrong
Just bring some new material, I'm


And girls if you like to eat
(raise your hand),
Its healthy to be naturally
(Boys don't demand),
Your girls to be too skinny,
Cause it's starvation if you're a size three
Don't stick fingers down your throat,
Or swallow pills that effectively coat,
Your stomach with a lining
That gives you headaches
Your tummy aches,
And you hurl 'til your back breaks
And you look in the mirror,
And you still feel inferior
But your image is clearer to me,
That you need help with your brain


And all the girls in the corner,
Let me see you rock that shoulder
And all the boys living with your mama,
Paying rent
Make sure you get parental consent


I drove by the surf today,
The paddle seemed to look a mile away
And everybody said,
Girl, stay away from my wave
What the hell is up with you?
The surf is only 1 foot 2
If you wanna surf big, go Pipeline,
Cause I don't wanna hear you whine


Baby I'm Gone

Written By: M. Makainai, J. Wright

Last night,
I was sitting by myself
I hear you're seeing someone else
I'm gonna pack up my bags and walk away
There's no use trying to save this
Too late,
Don't try to fix this mess
Don't wait,
For me to second guess
If you'd have thought straight,
You would've realized,
Prioritizing me wasn't on your agenda

By the time you hear this song,
Baby I'm gone
Don't think of calling,
Cause I took the phone
And there's no plate left for you to eat on
By the time you hear this song,
Baby I'm gone
Don't think of calling,
I ain't stalling
And unlike you,
I don't mind being alone

Don't worry,
About the maintenance fee
Or go looking,
For the hide-away key
Called the realtor,
To put the house up for sale next week
I called my girlfriends,
To come and help me out
We took the blender, the computer
And your favorite couch
We took the flat screen TV, DVD movies
Hacked up your Jacuzzi,
Celebrated with a smoothie


I called the cable company
To cancel the bill
I'm legally able
To take you out of my will
Now you're labeled
As promiscuous and a cheap thrill
In spite of this, I love you still
Now I'm sorry,
For being so extreme
But you scarred me,
You carelessly played me
And so far we,
Had some good memories,
I packed it up with my dreams
But baby, I gots to leave


Girls' Night Out

Written By: M. Makainai, J. Wright

Why you hatin' on me,
Its frustratin' for me
You keep waitin' to see
If you can break me,
But you just cant take me

We've come to have a good time
If you're feeling good,
Throw your hands up high
If you're not,
Move yourself to the back, cause
Ain't nobody gonna party like that
Move your legs to the dance floor
Put down your hair,
Leave your shame at the door
No shame, if you got game
Step to this,
Don't gotta know your name


I need a straight shooter,
Better work on your aim
Not a LalapaLOSER actin
Better bring what you got,
What'd ya bring when you came?
It better be hot,
Not the same old thang
I feel the haters got their eyes on me
Black corset, black pants
And my heels inch three
They missin' out,
Dissin' out criticizingly
It's an open invitation,
Theres no RSVP


Here's a smile,
Let's kill the jealously
Everybody knows
The hotties get in for free
I ain't trippin' on you,
Why you trippin' on me?
You don't pay my bills,
I did my bills last week
There's that girl,
she plays in the band
Look at her
Trying to take my man
Chill baby girl,
Don't you understand?
That's just Stan,
Hes my cousin
He's a little more feminine
Got more sway than
My kind of gentleman
You're giving me a headache,
Where's my acetaminophen?
While you chronic out
With your crystal methamphetamine
(Ice, Ice baby)
(Ice, Ice makes you crazy!!!)


Move those hips
From the left to the right
Were rockin' this joint,
Ain't comin' home tonight
Don't want no D.U.I.
In the 5-O ride
Plus the tracks are tight,
I'm not feeling the blue light


No More Tears

Written By: MighTy J (T. Suan)

No more tears,
No more crying,
No heartaches,
Cuz baby I'm tryin'
Yes, I'm gonna prove my love to you
No matter what I have to do
I'm ready to risk and fall,
In love and give you my all

I know I'm not perfect,
I never claimed to be
I live by my choices,
Stood up for what I believed
And you were still there,
Showing you cared for me
Long lonely nights,
Never there by your side


Why didn't I realize,
How much we sacrificed
For me to follow my dreams,
For you to stand by me
Our love, I put on hold,
To fulfill my selfish goals
Why didn't I see,
That you still believed in me


Do You?

Written By: M. Makainai

I know you still love me,
Baby, I'll always love you
But I know deep inside
We could never ever be together
And even if it's easier said than done,
Even if I'll always be the one,
That gets you twisted,
Honey you act like you missed this

And when we said goodbye,
I could finally let you go
Although I did not cry,
I secretly hoped you'd show
But there's one thing I gotta know,
is do you...

Hear my name whenever you hear hers
Taste my skin when the sunset burns
Feel my hair blowing in the wind
Can you still hear my voice
Everytime I sing?
Cause I don't wanna say goodbye,
I don't wanna see you cry
I just wanted to be the one for you,
And you the one for me...

And she doesn't have to make pretend
No she doesn't have to feel threatened,
She should know I let you go
And everything that happened,
Happened a long time ago
She should know I set you free,
Ooh honey I let you be
She should know you're in love with her
And not me...

And when we say goodbye,
I still can let you go,
I swear I'll never cry,
I won't ever let it show
Still there's one thing I gotta know,
Is do you...


All Of Me

Written By: T. Suan

Sunlight on my face
Remembering the warmth of your embrace
I can't turn back the hands of time
Diverted paths are out of line
Standing here with no direction
Reality of my reflections

I would've given you the world
But no, I'm not the same girl
Too many muted memories
A love not lost, but can't be seen

I couldn't give you (all of me)
when I wanted to (all of me)
I couldn't give you (all of me)
When I wanted to

Lying here alone
Searching for a sign of growth
These walls keep creeping in on me
Trapped by the choices I've conceived
Where do I find reassurance?
Yearning for comfort and guidance

I would've given you the world
But no, I'm not the same girl
Too many muted memories
A love not lost, but can't be seen


All I had to offer is all of me

Can't Be With You

Written By: M. Makainai

At first, it's infatuation
A temporary complication
Endorphins heighten
When we see each other again
I have my list of issues
And skeletons with steel toe shoes
Just want to forewarn you
To drive with caution

Deep down inside
I know I can't be with you,
Even though I want to
Shame on me, I'm not who I seem,
Deep down inside
I know I can't be with you,
Even thought I want to
Shame on me, for the daydreams
I just can't be with you

I'm now seeing you almost everyday
A dangerous game we like to play
A smile, a kiss there,
But we both know it's going nowhere
We can't get married, or have a family
This love is slowly killing me
I just don't know when I'm gonna say no

You're not the kind of guy
I'd have meet my daddy
Or sit for Sunday dinner
With my entire family
But sometimes I'd like to imagine it so


We pretend to be endless lovers
We ride the wind underneath the covers
But when the clock strikes ten,
It's off to the races again
And when will this ever end?
Tell me, show me, email me again
The part when we say,
"Hey! Let's just be friends!"


My Love

Written By: J. Wright

I'd give you the world, if I could my baby
You've shown me how life could really be
And I want you to know
That you've got my heart, my soul,
You are my love

My love, you are
Still picture every morning waking in your arms
I know now we've come this far
Ain't nothing gonna keep us apart
Everlasting love, that takes time
Time needs patience
And we've done alright
If we give more time than we shall find
How much love we have inside

Still get those butterflies
Every time you come around me,
Baby you astound me
When I look in your eyes
Oh what joy you bring me,
Baby you're the real thing
It comes as no surprise
You come 'round, I'm hypnotized
This love got no sad goodbyes,
We try
We fight to keep this love alive


It amazes me how
You know what makes me tick
And baby when I'm looking at us now
I wouldn't want to miss out on this
It's pretty strange
I don't think I've ever felt this way
And it's nothing I can complicate
It's simple,
Baby I love you

You can ask me how I view our love
You, me, us, I'm thinking of
I could never get enough
I don't ever see us breaking up
'Cause you give me space when I need it
And you listen to me talk about my day
I'd only tell you if I believed it
I do
So I'm telling you


Mr. Harrison

Written By: J. Wright

Hey! Mr. Harrison
You got the collagen in your lips
You got the Cadillac
And diamonds rolling off your fingertips
There you go now
On another fancy expose
Wearing your 3-piece suit
Sipping on your pricey Chardonnay

Power, money and greed
Will get you nowhere with me
As you drown in your vanity
You grow in your insanity

Mr. Davidson
Walking around like you own the place
A serious power trip
And smirk you wear upon your face
It's amazing
Just how money-hungry one can be
Solve the riddle, thumbs you twiddle
In the middle, Ditto two or three




Mr. Singleton
You live the life of a movie star
Attend the VIP parties
Just to get the free drinks at the bar
On your MYSPACE page
You post pictures of your so-called friends
Cause there's no way of knowing if it's real
Or just make pretend



Written By: M. Makainai, J. Wright

Most times I don't say what I wanna say
I keep it to myself, don't tell no one else
You don't wanna know how I truly feel
(You're) Oblivious to what is real

And then you want me to be close to you
Instead, I'm doing what I wanna do

It's like a rollercoaster
You take me up and down and side to side
Either say 'hello' or say 'goodbye'
I don't know whether I should run and hide or dry my eyes
(It's like a rollercoaster)
We're going fast and slow and round and round
I gotta keep my feet on solid ground
I just gotta make it through this rollercoaster ride

Sometimes you come through for me
You take me by surprise
Without wearing ties
But on the other hand,
You have so many demands
STOP, and listen
You're illogical suspicion kills me
I stop to think of reasons to leave

And then you want me to be close to you
Instead, I'm doing what I wanna do



And then you want me to be close to you
Instead, I'm doing what I wanna do


Really Don't Mind

Written By: M. Makainai

I've been thinking about my life
And what I have to offer
I've been thinking about these days I've spent without your love
I've been thinking the time
I thought that there was no other
Now it's growing,
The list of things I have to think of

Of being left behind
Being reminded that you're not mine
God, I know I'm alone
But I really don't mind this time
I know that you're not here
God, I swear, I think it's unfair
But I really don't mind this time

As I walk through the shopping center
People holding, caressing each other
Squeezing and kissing each other
I think it's pretty cute
But I must I admit it makes me wanna puke
I wanna say 'Go get a room,'
But I don't wanna ruin their trip
It makes me think of


You chose to go off on your own
To find an explanation
You chose to break up our happy home
Forget the excavation
The ups and downs,
The little dirt mounds
We're on a merry-go-round,
I heard you're hanging in town
Ant hills, Pay the bills,
Don't forget to take your pills
You don't want these shoes to fill, no


I don't mind, I really don't mind
Being alone this time

We Don't Need To Be Friends

Written By: T. Suan, J. Wright

If you wanna get to know me,
We don't need to be friends
Take a little time to show me how you flow
So I know how we roll
If you wanna get to know me,
We don't need to be friends
Take a little time to show me how you flow
So I know how we roll

I'm not just a pretty face,
Straight laced, stuck in my ways
Got a little naughty streak,
The mystery, that's meant to be (FREE)
Flowing, where I'm going (is)
Straight to the top if you wanna come with me
My time has just begun
Google me Bibbidi-Bobbidi,
So unstoppably smooth
Poetry lyrical,
Emotion turned physical
Now here we go,
Journey that you never been on before,
Feening and leaving you wanting some more
We like to boogie,
Are you feeling lucky?
Hit me up and you can read all about it

(Shout out)
Live is how we do
Trace vidcast, scandal-lous, on YouTube
Ready, AIM, fire
Mass impress higher
Ticker tocking over clocking it
And stopping it (oooh)
You get caught in the web,
We put you in the zone
But we encrypt the script so nobody's home
We'll see who takes the throne

You can try to frame me,
But you can't blame me
If the world says we are ahead of the game
Cause it's not easy to make a living
Off the one thing we love so much
We'd do it for free
You can Google me over,
I'll be looking over my shoulder
And I hope that, when it's all over
You will see me for who I really am.

M-I-G-H-T-Y J Music
(Can you hear me now)
M-I-G-H-T-Y J Music
(Say it again now)
M-I-G-H-T-Y J Music
(Can you feel me now)
M-I-G-H-T-Y J Music
(This is where it's at)

Before I Let Go

Written By: T. Suan

Stuck in the cycle once again
You say you're trying
But we're still 'just friends'
Your heart belongs to another
Has she given you all that you need

My head keeps spinning round and round
Relationship's not built on solid ground
The rules you've made keep changing
I've given everything I've nothing left to say

(But) I'm still here
To dry your tears
I love you more than you know
But I need a sign that this is right
Before I let go

We keep bouncing back and forth
I can't remember what we're fighting for
Your sorries have no meaning
Just empty words you say to cover the pain


Rinsing out the stains of the past
Bleached away the memories we've shared
You hung me out to dry
Folded your arms and tried to say
That I'm free



CALLING OUT (copyright 2007, Daddy Records)
- Produced by Dr. Trey (Berklee Music Ambassador, 2004 Hawaii Music Award "Producer of the Year," featured on Mix Magazine, Billboard Magazine)
- Debut collaboration project
- Project documented utilizing video podcasting MighTy J TV (available on www.mightyjmusic.com or for free download on iTunes)


Other albums:

KEAHIWAI (Mailani's band):
CHANGING (copyright 2006, 808e Productions LLC)
- 2007 Hawaii Music Award for "Pop Album of the Year"

KEAHIWAI (Mailani's band):
MERRY CHRISTMAS (copyright 2006, 808e Productions LLC)

KANALO (Jenn's band):
MOVE (copyright 2006, Immense and Intense Productions)
- Produced by Dr. Trey (Berklee Music Ambassador, 2004 Hawaii Music Award "Producer of the Year," featured on Mix Magazine, Billboard Magazine)

JROQ (Jenn's solo project):
JROQ VS. DR. TREY (copyright 2004, Immense and Intense Productions)
- Produced by Dr. Trey (Berklee Music Ambassador, 2004 Hawaii Music Award "Producer of the Year," featured on Mix Magazine, Billboard Magazine)
- 2005 Hawaii Music Award for "Rhythm & Blues Album of the Year"
- Music featured in "Adventures in Hollyhood" MTV Series

KEAHIWAI (Mailani's band):
DANGEROUS (copyright 2004, Island Groove Productions)

MAILANI MAKAINAI (guest artist)
ONE (copyright 2004, 808e Productions LLC)
- Featured on Track 2, "Tracks of My Tears"

KANALO (guest artists)
ISLAND FEELING, Part 2 (copyright 2003, Mass Appeal Productions)
- Featured on Track 14, "Island Feeling, Part II"

MILO SHADE (Tiki's band):
SWEET ONE (copyright 2003, Progressive Island Records)

KANALO (guest artists)
FOR YOU (copyright 2002, Koops 2 Entertainment)
- Featured on Track 4, "For You"
- 2003 Na Hoku Hanohano Award for "Reggae Album of the Year"

KEAHIWAI (Mailani's band):
SATISFIED (copyright 2002, Island Groove Productions)
- 2003 Hawaii Music Award for "Group of the Year"
- 2003 Hawaii Music Award for "Island Music Album of the Year"

KEAHIWAI (Mailani's band):
CHRISTMAS IS HERE (copyright 2001, Island Groove Productions)
- Holiday single featuring 3 tracks

KEAHIWAI (Mailani's band):
LOCAL GIRLS (copyright 2001, Island Groove Productions)
- 2002 Na Hoku Hanohano Award for "Most Promising Artist"
- 2002 Na Hoku Hanohano Award for "Favorite Entertainer of the Year" (voted by the public)

MILO SHADE (guest artists)
ISLAND ROOTS MUSIC Vol. 2 (copyright 2000, Quiet Storm Records)
- Featured on Track 17, "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom"

KANALO (Jenn's band):
KANALO (copyright 2000, Four Strings Productions)

KANALO (featured artists)
PRIDE OF THE ISLANDS III Compilation (copyright 2000, KCCN)
- Track 1, "Easy Street" (Ranked #2 overall in KCCN FM 100's "Top 100" for 2000)

JENN WRIGHT (guest artist)
ISLAND FEELING (copyright 2000, Mass Appeal Productions)
- Featured on Track 9, "Islands in the Stream"
- 2001 Na Hoku Hanohano Award for "Contemporary Album of the Year"
- 2001 Hawaii Music Award for "Song of the Year"
- 2001 Hawaii Music Award for "Island Music of the Year"
- 2001 Hawaii Music Award for "Best Album of the Year"

KANALO (featured artists)
PRIDE OF THE ISLANDS II Compilation (copyright 1999, KCCN)
- Track 1, "I Wonder"
- Track 6, "What's Up"

For Booking and other inquiries, contact MIGHTY J MANAGEMENT:

Kapua Naeole, Band Manager
(808) 688-7626

Raina Itagaki, Public Relations
(808) 393-4970

Set List

Calling Out
Baby I'm Gone
Do You?
All Of Me
Can't Be With You
Girls' Night Out
My Love
Mr. Harrison
Really Don't Mind
We Don't Need To Be Friends
Ke Ala A Ka Jeep
No More Tears

Cover Songs are of various genre (Reggae, R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, Rock) played with some MighTy J flavor.

Acoustic Set: 45 Minutes MAX
Set with Full Band: 3 hours with breaks