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"Girls make 'Mighty' call"

FORGET ABOUT that upcoming Spice Girls reunion -- girl power is doing just fine in Hawaii, thanks to Mighty J.
Mailani Makainai, Tiare "Tiki" Suan and Jenn "JRoQ" Wright are no strangers to the local music scene, playing in other bands before deciding to collaborate with each other. The release of "Calling Out" last month made it clear that the trio is serious about shaking up the island music landscape.
"We're calling everybody out in a good way," explained Makainai during an interview last week in the Star-Bulletin newsroom. "Throw it down as awesome as you can.
"And if you can't, then don't, because you're killing me!"
BEFORE JOINING forces in 2006, all three ladies had enjoyed varying amounts of success.
Makainai is the most recognized, due to her partnership with Lei Melket in the Na Hoku Hanohano Award-winning group Keahiwai. Wright is one-half of the acoustic duo Simple Souls, while Suan is a member of Milo Shade.
At first, Simple Souls' Zaysha Labrador and Milo Shade's Noelani Soriano joined Melket and the others to form an all-girl jam band, but conflicting work schedules and family commitments got in the way.
"Everybody kind of got busy with their own personal lives," said Wright. "At the time, I was co-hosting a podcast ... and Mailani and Tiki would come on the show.
"One particular episode, they came on and we decided to do a jam session, which ended up as 'Calling Out.' "
Wright's producer, Dr. Trey, suggested they record a polished version of the song, and when Makainai's parents heard it, they offered to help finance production of a full album.
But first, the ladies had to break the news to their bands.
"They knew we were doing something together," said Makainai. "I don't think (Melket) fully knows how thankful I am that she's down with this ... her support means so much to me."
Wright was also worried about how Labrador would react.
"It was difficult for us to talk to them, to tell them we wanted to do an album by ourselves," she said. "But when all our peeps heard what we were working on ... they were really supportive."
Added Suan, "I think our initial fear was that we didn't know what their reactions would be."
NOW THAT "Calling Out" is in stores, Mighty J is happy with the response from both fans and industry peers.
"That people actually take time to go to our site and see what we're doing ... is kinda neat," Wright said. "JD from B.E.T. was like, 'This is a good thing, because now we actually gotta step it up.' "
For Suan, part of the fun is knowing that she's helping to expand the musical tastes of friends and family.
"From the younger generation up to our parents and grandparents, it's very appealing to them," she said of Mighty J's sound. "And when you listen to island music now, you don't hear a lot of girls."
Friday's "Hot Hawaiian Nights" taping should help raise awareness of the group. Radio stations on neighbor islands have already added songs into rotation, but they've found some difficulty getting airplay on Oahu.
"It's a whole new style from what we've all done before," Wright said. "That's the hardest thing, getting people who support your music to actually call and tell someone to play it."

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"MighTy J - Calling Out"

To break it down, MighTy J is symbolic of the three young ladies who make up the group, Mailani Makainai (Migh), Tiare “Tiki"Suan (T) and Jenn Wright (J). However, it isn’t just the play on their names that make this group unique, it’s more about pushing the boundaries of local music and hopefully opening a portal for creativity to enter the mainstream music scene.
“Going into recording this album we took it all the way and did what we felt like doing,” says Wright, a Castle High graduate (and former MidWeek employee). “I think we wanted to just give the people something new. I mean, you listen to the radio stations now and everything sounds the same. Personally, I feel like this is the sound that I’ve always wanted to do, but couldn’t because the industry said this is not acceptable and we aren’t going to play it.”
As some may recognize, Makainai,Wright and Suan are all members of local groups already established within the local music scene. Makainai is one-half of Keahiwai, Wright is half of Kanalo and Simple Souls, and Suan is a member of the group Milo Shade. The three met through the music business and mutual friends, and eventually found themselves co-hosting a podcast together. They connected on a musical level, decided to try their hands at a song, and Calling Out got its legs.
“I think this CD is a true collaboration of each of our songs and styles,"says Suan, an Iolani grad. “It’s something a little more edgy.With this project we want people out there to know that there’s more than the same rhythmic pattern, the same subjects, because none of our songs is about just me loving you, or me on the beach.”

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http://www.midweek.com/content/columns/musicmontage_article/mighty_j_calling_out/ - Melissa Moniz - MidWeek

"New Music: Tiare and CD Now in Stores!"

(June 12, 2007) In an collaborative effort between three women from Hawaii’s hottest groups, Mailani Makainai (Keahiwai), Tiki Suan ‘94 (Milo Shade) and Jenn “JRoq” Wright (Kanalo) came together to form the musical trio “Mighty J” and have just released their debut album “Calling Out”.

Though their roots are in Hawaiian music, their sound cannot be classified as specifically “local”, but rather as a mixture of musical passions that range from hip hop to latin to reggae. Appropriately, their unique style has placed them in the category of “World Music”, a wide-ranging genre that has no boundries and will allow the group to grow beyond the confines of contemporary island music.

“Calling Out” features 12 original compositions and one cover track in Hawaiian, “Ke Ala Ka Jeep” by the legendary Eddie Kamae. Pick up the album in a music store near you or order it online at e808.com…

Check out the group in studio as they work on their debut single “Girls Night Out”.

(April 10, 2007) Three women from three of Hawai’i’s most popular musical groups have joined together to form Mighty J. It’s members include Mailani Makainai (Keahiwai), Tiki Suan ‘94 (Milo Shade - shown) and Jenn “JRoQ” Wright (Kanalo and Simple Souls). These ladies are passionate about their music and because of their different backgrounds, create a sound that is unique enough to be called “World Music,” but also rooted in the soul of Hawai’i. Their usage of different types of instruments and infusion of different genre knows no bounds. It’s easy to see why that without a completed album, they have already developed a sizable following who strongly believe Mighty J is Hawai’i’s next “Big Thing.”
Their name, “Mighty J”, is derived from the collection of nicknames for each of the group members… Mai (for Mailani), T (for Tiki) and J (for Jenn)… together, that’s Mai-T-J. Get it?
The group is currently working on their first album and is documenting the creative process for all to see on their website under “Mighty J TV“. There you’ll get the chance to see the 3 ladies in studio and listen to them record a few tracks off of their upcoming album. Look for it in stores soon…

Site Reference:


- IolaniAlumni.com

"Island Mele Mighty J"

That Mighty J debuts with a polished, well-crafted album is no surprise, given the trio's pedigree. Jenn "J-RoQ" Wright was a founding member of Kanalo, a generic Jawaiian band that nonetheless won a KCCN FM100 talent contest, and she has since done much more substantial work as solo singer/percussionist J-RoQ. Mailani Makainai is one-half of the Na Hoku Hanohano Award-winning pop duo Keahiwai. Add vocalist Tiare "Tiki" Suan, producer/studio guru Dr. Trey, and an assortment of studio musicians, and the result is an album good enough to make the national pop charts but with enough Jawaiian rhythms to give the trio a shot at local radio play.

The three share lead vocals and harmonize smoothly through a series of memorable selections. The title track addresses social issues -- anorexia and bulimia among them. "Baby I'm Gone" is a lovingly detailed revenge fantasy ("We took the blender, the computer and your favorite couch ... (and) celebrated with a smoothie"). Other original songs describe the real-life complexities of relationships in mature, articulate style.

With "Girls' Night Out" they also show their appeal as an edgy urban-style club act. With 2007 almost half over, Mighty J is the year's most impressive new local act.

Mighty J
(Daddy Records DRCD-42180)

Site Reference: http://starbulletin.com/2007/06/15/features/records.html - John Berger - Star Bulletin

"Island Sounds - MighTy J"

Genre: Island Pop / World Music

Distinguishing Notes: Mighty J is a happy union of three stellar music-industry women who still retain another identity, but decided to band together for this new ensemble. You've heard them before: Mailani Makainai is from Keahiwai, Tiki Suan is from Milo Shade and Jenn "Jroq" Wright is from Kanalo and Simple Souls.

This concoction has vitality and verve that suits island radio programming, is perfect for cruising in the car and reflects a hybrid that enables the three singers to expand their horizons and fan base. The tunes are crisp, harmonic and personal, and have a clear unbashedly girl orientation if you explore, "Baby I'm Gone," "Before I Let Go," "Girls' Night Out" and "Can't Be With You."

Sweet, reverant, yet fresh and relevant. If you adore Na Leo, you'll embrace Mighty J. Think a younger version, with a similar pension for harmony and romance. And credit Dr. Trey for the Trey-mendous engineering and production values.

Our Take: A Mighty impressive launch. The singers are breaking down walls and barriers and expanding their turf.

Site Reference: http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2007/Jun/22/en/FP706220317.html - Wayne Harada - Honolulu Advertiser


CALLING OUT (copyright 2007, Daddy Records)
- Produced by Dr. Trey (Berklee Music Ambassador, 2004 Hawaii Music Award "Producer of the Year," featured on Mix Magazine, Billboard Magazine)
- Debut collaboration project
- Project documented utilizing video podcasting MighTy J TV (available on www.mightyjmusic.com or for free download on iTunes)


Other albums:

KEAHIWAI (Mailani's band):
CHANGING (copyright 2006, 808e Productions LLC)
- 2007 Hawaii Music Award for "Pop Album of the Year"

KEAHIWAI (Mailani's band):
MERRY CHRISTMAS (copyright 2006, 808e Productions LLC)

KANALO (Jenn's band):
MOVE (copyright 2006, Immense and Intense Productions)
- Produced by Dr. Trey (Berklee Music Ambassador, 2004 Hawaii Music Award "Producer of the Year," featured on Mix Magazine, Billboard Magazine)

JROQ (Jenn's solo project):
JROQ VS. DR. TREY (copyright 2004, Immense and Intense Productions)
- Produced by Dr. Trey (Berklee Music Ambassador, 2004 Hawaii Music Award "Producer of the Year," featured on Mix Magazine, Billboard Magazine)
- 2005 Hawaii Music Award for "Rhythm & Blues Album of the Year"
- Music featured in "Adventures in Hollyhood" MTV Series

KEAHIWAI (Mailani's band):
DANGEROUS (copyright 2004, Island Groove Productions)

MAILANI MAKAINAI (guest artist)
ONE (copyright 2004, 808e Productions LLC)
- Featured on Track 2, "Tracks of My Tears"

KANALO (guest artists)
ISLAND FEELING, Part 2 (copyright 2003, Mass Appeal Productions)
- Featured on Track 14, "Island Feeling, Part II"

MILO SHADE (Tiki's band):
SWEET ONE (copyright 2003, Progressive Island Records)

KANALO (guest artists)
FOR YOU (copyright 2002, Koops 2 Entertainment)
- Featured on Track 4, "For You"
- 2003 Na Hoku Hanohano Award for "Reggae Album of the Year"

KEAHIWAI (Mailani's band):
SATISFIED (copyright 2002, Island Groove Productions)
- 2003 Hawaii Music Award for "Group of the Year"
- 2003 Hawaii Music Award for "Island Music Album of the Year"

KEAHIWAI (Mailani's band):
CHRISTMAS IS HERE (copyright 2001, Island Groove Productions)
- Holiday single featuring 3 tracks

KEAHIWAI (Mailani's band):
LOCAL GIRLS (copyright 2001, Island Groove Productions)
- 2002 Na Hoku Hanohano Award for "Most Promising Artist"
- 2002 Na Hoku Hanohano Award for "Favorite Entertainer of the Year" (voted by the public)

MILO SHADE (guest artists)
ISLAND ROOTS MUSIC Vol. 2 (copyright 2000, Quiet Storm Records)
- Featured on Track 17, "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom"

KANALO (Jenn's band):
KANALO (copyright 2000, Four Strings Productions)

KANALO (featured artists)
PRIDE OF THE ISLANDS III Compilation (copyright 2000, KCCN)
- Track 1, "Easy Street" (Ranked #2 overall in KCCN FM 100's "Top 100" for 2000)

JENN WRIGHT (guest artist)
ISLAND FEELING (copyright 2000, Mass Appeal Productions)
- Featured on Track 9, "Islands in the Stream"
- 2001 Na Hoku Hanohano Award for "Contemporary Album of the Year"
- 2001 Hawaii Music Award for "Song of the Year"
- 2001 Hawaii Music Award for "Island Music of the Year"
- 2001 Hawaii Music Award for "Best Album of the Year"

KANALO (featured artists)
PRIDE OF THE ISLANDS II Compilation (copyright 1999, KCCN)
- Track 1, "I Wonder"
- Track 6, "What's Up"

For Booking and other inquiries, contact MIGHTY J MANAGEMENT:

Kapua Naeole, Band Manager
(808) 688-7626

Raina Itagaki, Public Relations
(808) 393-4970



Mighty J, formed in 2006, is a collaborative musical effort between three women who are already well established in Hawai'i's music industry: Mailani Makainai of Keahiwai, Tiare "Tiki" Suan of Milo Shade and Jenn "Jroq" Wright of the groups Kanalo and Simple Souls.

Together they form Mighty J to create a unique "World Music" sound that is rooted in the soul of Hawai'i. Their usage of different types of instruments and infusion of different genre knows no bounds.

They are the first band in Hawai'i, and one of the first bands in the world, to chronicle their musical journey utilizing web technology. MighTy J TV is a vidcast that is available for viewing on the band's official website, MighTyJmusic.com. There, you will see the girls as they record their music in studio, rehearse, perform at gigs and do whatever it takes to "make it" in the music industry.

MAILANI MAKAINAI, a member of award-winning girl-band duo, Keahiwai, plays the guitar, sings and writes music for Mighty J. She started singing at age 3, and playing the ukulele at age 13. She debuted her first album in at age 22 and has won numerous music awards to date (see Discography). Since her debut into the music industry, she has also proven her prowess as a songwriter. Mailani is a seasoned performer locally and internationally and has performed in Las Vegas, Oregon, California, Washington and Japan.

TIARE "TIKI" SUAN, a member of the group Milo Shade, is a vocalist and writes music for Mighty J. She started singing at age 9. In 1999, she and a few friends formed the music group, Milo Shade. The name Milo Shade is reminiscent of the many times the group spent playing music under the shade of the Milo trees. Milo Shade released their first break-out hit single, "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" in 2000. Their second album "Sweet One" followed in 2002. A seasoned performer, Tiki has performed statewide as well as nationwide including Oregon and California.

JENN "JRoQ" WRIGHT, member of Simple Souls and Kanalo, is a vocalist, percussionist, drummer and song writer for Mighty J. She began her musical career through FM 100's "Pride of the Islands II" contest where her group, Kanalo, won the 1998 group category for Original composition and performance. In 1999, Kanalo recorded two songs for FM 100's "Pride of the Islands 2" compilation. Their song, "Easy Street" was number 2 in FM 100's "Top 100 Songs of the Year" in 2000. Jenn also recorded the classic Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton duet, "Islands in the Stream" with popular local band, Ten Feet, that won a Hawai'i Music Award for "Song of the Year." She has traveled and performed statewide and nationwide including Las Vegas, California, Guam and Saipan.

For Blogs, Performance Schedules and to watch episodes of MighTy J TV, visit www.mightyjmusic.com!