Mighty Lester

Mighty Lester


Mighty Lester is the total package... Soulful R&B bedroom ballads, down-n-dirty blues and thumpin'-pumpin'-jumpin' jive swathed in a colossal big band sound featuring killer solos that slap a bright red bow on top.


2007 International Blues Challenge 3rd Place Champs! & Blues Foundations Best Self-Produced CD of 2007!

At almost every gig, somebody rolls up to one of the members of this powerhouse blues and soul octet and asks, “Which one of you guys is Mighty Lester? Is it the singer? Is it the guitar player? Is it the sax guy? Who is it?”

As the band explains in the liner notes to their May 2006 release, We Are Mighty Lester:

“The truth is that none of us is Mighty Lester. In spite of what some old-timers might claim, it’s doubtful that anybody in the band at this point can even remember what he looked like very clearly. When he took off for parts unknown, all he left was his name. But it’s a pretty good name, so we decided to keep it.

“We are Mighty Lester, and this is who we are and what we’re about as we celebrate our fifth year: We are Todd, pourin’ out his soul into the lyrics of every song. We are Lenny, wringin’ another smokin’ lick out of his Silvertone. We are Jon, ticklin’ the eighty-eights and takin’ us all to church with the B-3. We are Dave, makin’ sure his bass stays locked right there in the pocket. We are Rick, swingin’ and rockin’, always layin’ down that monster beat. We are the Mighty Horns—Jeff, Joe, and Alex—blowin’ some of the biggest, fattest, hottest sounds you’ll ever hear wailin’ from a tenor, a bari, and a trumpet.

“And we’re all about havin’ a real good time playin’ music that makes people want to get up and dance and have a good time, too.”

Our critically acclaimed ALBUM "We Are Mighty Lester" NOW AVAILABLE
2007 Blues Foundation Best Self-Produced CD WINNER
2007 International Blues Challenge 3rd Place Champs!
"...it's as tight and right as any blues album this year."
Philip VanVleck, Billboard Magazine

"Very Tight."
Tommy Castro

"it rocks mightily."
David Menconi, News & Observer

“...their originals... sound like the classics.”
Grantt Britt, Independent Weekly

"Loads of Fun"
- Bruce Iglauer / Alligator Records

"A Band After My Own Heart"
- Chris Vachon / Roomful of Blues

"Mighty Lester are deep into it... They hit hard."
- Cranston Clements / Dr. John

"...delivers a MONSTER performance."
- Philip Van Vleck / Down Beat, Billboard, Durham Herald-Sun

"Mighty Lester's wall of sound will fall on you like a ton of bricks ...look out!"
- The Blues Hound / 90.1 FM KPFT Houston


Jan 28, 2002
Self-titled Debut - MLBK

May 19, 2006
We Are Mighty Lester
Blues Foundation BEST SELF-PRODUCED CD of 2007!

Set List

All set lists contain both original music as well as classic blues, r&b and soul music.