Mighty Mo Rodgers

Mighty Mo Rodgers

 Inglewood, California, USA

I play the Blues. Original cutting edge blues, it is home grown music which as gone around the world. His music contains original material, mixed with his philosophical views with blues/soul musical roots.


Maurice Rodgers (Mighty Mo Rodgers) was born on July 24, 1942 in East Chicago to Charles and Peachy Rodgers. His father owned a club that featured blues performers. When Rodgers was not studying classical piano he was checking out blues artists that played there. He was deeply affected by the mid-60s soul music from the Memphis-based Stax label.

He started his first band while in high school called the Rocketeers. Upon entering Indiana State College, Rodgers began another band. He finally decided to quit college, move to Los Angeles and give his full time attention to his music. He has not limited himself to performing, in 1973 he produced the album Sonny and Terry on A&M. He did return to school and received his degree in Philosophy, which has had a great influence on his music. In 1999 he released his first solo album entitled "Blues is My Wallin Wall."


Cadillac Jack

Written By: Maurice Rodgers

I'm on a one way mission to bring the fishtail back
"Cause the heart of rock and roll is the 50's Cadillac
America's rise can be traced to the fact
When they put the fishtail on the Cadillac
We got to bring it back
You know the 59 Caddy the fishtail was on the rise
In a rock and roll caddy America was so alive
Get out of the boxes toot your horn
Let the whole world know what's goin' on
Come on come on
Cadillac Jack says bring the fishtail back (2X)
We got to bring it back

Come on we got to get it back
Sing along with Cadillac Jack
Cadillac Jack says "Bring the Fishtail Back"


1999 Blues is My Wallin Wall
2007 Redneck Blues
2009 Red, White & Blues
2010 Dispatches from the Moon
2011 Cadillac Jack 1959

Set List

SET #1
Heavens Got the Blues
The Kennedy Song
Took Away the Drum
Blues is My Waillin' Wall
No Regrets
The Boy Who Stole the Blues
Cadillac Jack

SET #2
Blues for a Blue Planet
Blues is a Woman Woe is a Maan
I Believe In Evolution
Red, White and Blues
Africana Blues
Dispatches from the Moon