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Mighty Tiger

Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE

Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Pop


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"The Stranger"

"There's obviously something Sufjan Stevens-y about Mighty Tiger: the voices raised in chorus, the ornate instrumentation, the bold fearlessness of taking masculine vocals up to the higher, soprano end of the scale. Some of their songs sound as though they could fit into the soundtrack of a Wes Anderson movie with no problem at all. But there's an edge to their music, a willingness to actually rock, that has pushed Mighty Tiger up on my playlist: They're proof that you can make sensitive, thoughtful music and not sound like a namby-pamby, weak-kneed wuss." - PAUL CONSTANT - The Stranger

"KFJC 89.7 FM - kfjc.org"

Pop: Okay, this Seattle band sounds a lot like The Cyrkle. Instead of red rubber balls, Mighty Tiger discusses other things (“I wish you’d take a shower every day” (9). Most of the songs are cheerful and upbeat, with rocking guitars and percussion, male lead vocals (except on 11), and an innocent sound that takes you back to the 60s. Some forays into psychedelic (6) and folk (11) territories. These sounds are intoxicatingly catchy. - KFJC 89.7 FM - kfjc.org

"Shir Awesome"

Mighty Tiger - "Western Theater"
Mighty Tiger plays rollicking, sweet indie pop with echoing Beach Boys-esque vocals and a sunny feel surely at odds with their Seattle origins. I’ve heard them compared to Sufjan Stevens; there’s certainly that layered, orchestral pop feel, but they’ve got some rock backbone to show as well. They’ve been known to bring out a cello during their shows, which seems to be to current indie bands what the sitar was to rock bands in the ’60s, but they have more going for them than being just-another-sunny-indie-pop-band.
The orchestration on their upcoming first album, Western Theater, is deceptively complex, coming off as innocently catchy and simplistic to the casual listener. I’d like to see how their music holds up live, since the production seems to play an important role in the sound on the album. They tiptoe around ’60s psych and blend slight folk influences into their indie pop base, developing a sound that, if not wholly unique, manages to stand out from the crowd while possessing a broad appeal.
Sarah Shay - jew-ish.com

"bbqchickenrobot.com review"

Paper Garden Records’ new jacks, Mighty Tiger, are giving us their debut, Western Theater…but not until March?! boo. More Northwest indie dopeness and my, do I appreciate those harmonies. After hearing a handful of tracks from their new album, I’d say this will definitely accompany us on future road trips, it’s got that good new-venture-feel to it. - bbqchickenrobot.com

"Stereo Subversion Review"

I sometimes think that it would be a bleak musical landscape, devoid of sunshiney melodies and harmonies, if the Beach Boys had never existed. Funny that Mighty Tiger should come from Seattle, not necessarily known for its sunshine. Maybe that’s why there’s a rainy day feel to the song as well. Strings, harmonies, layers, it’s all there. Don’t get me wrong with the comparison, Mighty Tiger has it’s own voice, but the band doesn’t shy away from being open about their influences. “33 1/3? is one of those songs that is both pretty and sad at the same time and is a great lead off to their debut album, Western Theater
Mark Mansfield - Stereo Subversion - stereosubversion.com

"Bored and Beats Blog Review"

Seattle band Mighty Tiger have a catchy sound indeed. This indie band makes super catchy guitar driven indie songs. Their harmonies are simple yet lovely. They have an album coming out in March so make sure to mark your calendars. It'll be a winner! If you feel like riding your bike through a field of sunflowers and then running through a creek with your jeans rolled up then Mighty Tiger is the band for you. Full of youthful exuberance and care free fun! YAY for FUN!
skemaddox - Bored And Beats Blog - bored and beats blog

"The Stranger Recommends"

Mighty Tiger play earnest, effusive pop that charms its way past your hard wall of cynicism and ruffles your hair in a nonobnoxious way. It's soft-impact, skillfully written and played stuff with sonic DNA derived from the Association, Sagittarius, the Mamas & the Papas, and many of the literate, gentle souls who followed in their wake. - the stranger


Mighty Tiger - Western Theater LP

Many of the songs on Western Theater receive airplay on KFJC 89.7FM, San Francisco, as well as KEXP 90.3 Seattle, SomaFM, and lots of other college and internat radio stations.

Currently recording 2nd album



"Another 'animal' band name. Well, at least it's not a forest animal, but still... Wait, isn't that from Bungalow Bill?"

We know you’re thinking it. But shared devotion and common inspiration sometimes brings like-minded people together in ways that become greater than the sum of the parts. Case in point: Mighty Tiger. With its members emerging from the Midwest and the Southwest, this particular collection of musicians unified in the dreary Pacific Northwestern Seattle, WA. Drawing from influences as diverse as Harry Nilsson to The Flaming Lips, Mighty Tiger applies vintage pop sensibility to indie rock innovation, creates a sound that is uniquely their own.

Western Theater, Mighty Tiger's full-length debut album, is a testament to the vision of the band: conceptual yet cohesive and relaxed. The spectrum of inspiration is apparent, with nods to the sonic landscapes of Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds and Built To Spill’s Perfect from Now On. But while Mighty Tiger shows a refreshing willingness to wear its musical influences on its sleeve, the primary strength of the album is the way the band’s divergent points of reference unite around a sound that is distinct yet often tastefully unpredictable; whimsical chamber pop swirls in a turbulent sea of epic indie rock glory. Mighty Tiger have created an eclectic atmosphere in Western Theater that is as intellectual as it is intelligible and as somber as it is light-hearted. One thing is clear about this record and about this band: Mighty Tiger wants its listeners to have as much fun listening to Western Theater as they had making it.