Berlin, Berlin, DEU

Sinister hybrid of Punk-Rock, Metal and Electronix .Mignon's live-show erupts with a violent combination of face-paint and smoke-bombs. Nurses and Military ensembles, fake knives and Freddy Kruger-esque gloves all get their turn.


Frankenstein dreamt up a rock’n roll bride for the 21st century, with Mignon’s music earning herself a comixture of
comparisons from Joan Jett and Lita Ford to a vicious Kate Bush and a bullish PJ Harvey.
With her latest album "Kiss Of Death" released in 2011 Mignon explores her lust for heaving guitars and the raw sound of pummeled drum skin. Dirtied desert-howling bass lines and snarling riffs produce a high-powered album of balls-to-the-walls anthems, which will stain your mouth and sit in your throat like a splintered candy apple washed down with a hot shot of Jaegermeister. Once you got the taste, you won’t be forgetting them in a
hurry. Mignon isn’t going to stop until she has everyone on their knees, with only one woman’s name on their lips and a toxic
warning sign painted on every collar.
The Mignon story goes back to 2002 when she toured alongside Peaches as a performer and vocalist. Discovering a similar
taste in music and a desire to shock audiences, they began to co-wrote and perform tracks together, playing at UK festivals
Leeds Reading and Australia's Big Day Out. Mignon is featured in Peaches Rock-Opera Film "Peaches Does Herself" premiered in 2012 .
In 2003 Mignon kicked off her solo career with performances across the UK, USA
and Europe. Her punk demeanour and appetite for hair-raising rock'n' roll has seen her having practically toured the world,
sharing the stage with the likes of Peaches, Trail of Dead.., Queens of The Stone Age and 2012 Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson. These live performances became best known for erupting with a combination of face-paint and smoke-bombs, bloodied nurses and military ensembles, fake knives and fiery leather pants.



2011 Mignon Kiss of Death Impedance Records
2007 Mignon Bad Evil Wicked and Mean [CD] BadGirl-Records?
2004 Mignon Bad Girl EP Pale Music

Contributing Artist
2003 Peaches Fatherfucker XL Recordings "Shake Yer Dix" vocals?
2002 Taylor Savvy Ladies and Gentlemen Kitty-Yo "She's Got It" vocals?
2002 Peaches The Teaches of Peaches XL Recordings "Casanova" collaboration

Various Artist Compilations
2010 Ich Bin Ein Berliner “Hot Love”
2006 Girlmonster Chicks on Speed records "demons of love"?
2006 Some Tunes Basserk "Death Race Remix"?
2006 Styles Selection Toshiba/EMI Japan "Death Race"?
2005 Berlin Insane III Pale Music "Succubus"?
2005 Party Escalator Escalator Records "Bad Girl"?
2004 Agenda 2010 Lage D'Or "Little Miss Feelgood"?
2003 Lexoleum Trilogy Lex Records "Casanova"?
2002 Wir Lage D'Or "Bad,Evil, Wicked and Mean"?
2002 Colette No 4 Colette Records "Bad Evil Wicked and Mean"?
2002 Y03 Lage D'Or "Bad Evil Wicked and Mean"

Contributing Movie
2007 MTV Bust a Move "Bad Girl"?
2006 Kampfansage der letzte Schueler DVD release Germany "Black Soul"?
2004 Clash of Cultures: The Rise of the Electro Scene DVD release Brazil "Bad, Evil,Wicked and Mean"

Set List

Mignon's set is between 30 minutes and 120 minutes long.
1. Jury of the damned
2. Deadly Assassin
3. Hot Love
4. Kiss of Death
5. Runaway
6. Danger
7. Gimme Gimme
8. Santa Muerte
9. Black soul
10. Pirate
11. Scream