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Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Band Metal Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos




“…Mignon has Halloween accessories, a groovebox and songs like ‘Succubus’..there’s a real sonic flair here, in the flamboyant organ flourishes of ‘Little Miss Feelgood’ or the staccato R&B poise of ‘Nightmare’ while ‘Death Race’ and ‘Superntural Romance’ are great catchy electro-pop-tunes. Ridiculously camp throughout, it peaks with amusing anal-intruding wrestling anthem, ‘Violence’.Sparkly Tackle. NME UK 2/07

“… berlin-based femme fatale Mignon drops a cock-rocking 13 track debut LP full of Hammer Horror 303 beats, heavy metal riffs, fret-wanking guitar solos and electro goth posturing. There are a few reflective moments too, proving there’s more to Miss Mignon than shock-tactics, horror movie cliche’s and that brilliant skeleton hand glove.There’s even a special camoe from kindred spirit and bi-sex-a-holic Peaches..Credits: Oversexed and undercooked. Blowback Magazine UK 2/07

“Agent Provocateur Mignon releases her playful debut “Bad Evil Wicked and Mean” Peaches and Lady Miss Kier contribute backing vocals to the aptly titled ‘Bad Girl’ and ‘Demons of Love’, while the sassy producer moans over pulsating beats, synths and guitar riffs.” DIVA/UK 3/07

“All in all this is a fun, up-beat indie/electro pop album with cute rebelliousness in tow, you really know what you are getting and you get what you paid for.” Rockus Magazine AU 02/07

‘The church bells that toll at the start summon your soul to her worship, giving way to her electro-bad-girl metal-core riffs.’Little Miss Feelgood’ and ‘Black Soul’ are wicked examples what the album has to offer,….there’s danger and drama in these songs.Beat-Box drums and bleeps with some Sleater-Kinnesque guitar in there for some urgency and jump around fun. Appropriate for graveyard listening in the midnight hour.Preferably with a bottle of absinthe, while gang banging corpses with your good friends.”SameSame.com.au AU 03/07

„... this highpitched rock bitch is a Joan Jett for the 21st century.“ Harpers&Queen,“

„Mignon is a metal bitch from Berlin...most of her songs consists of rocking Lita Ford-Style guitar licks backed by an analogue drum machine.Sounds scary?It is.But with evil humour...sung in a voice like Kate Bush, but with more bush.“ Vice/ UK Launch Issue

”…Most impressive of all, though is the groovesome Adam Sky mix……,which staples a walking, wiggling, kompakt-style bass line to Mignon’s undeniably impressive vocals.”Juice

„Mignon and guest Peaches’ groovebox rocker „Bad Girl“ sound boss down trash.“NME

„..raw rock power to bump your ass off, one cheek at a time...incredibly sexy, as well as more rock´n roll than anything you´ll hear this year.Superb.“http://rocketinthepocket.blogspot.com

„Mignon, single-white-female chum of Peaches comes on like PJ Harvey as a school bully.“ NME
- Mingo PR


2010 february release of the new album"Kiss of Death"
2007 Mignon Bad Evil Wicked and Mean [CD] BadGirl-Records
2004 Mignon Bad Girl EP Pale Music

Contributing Artist
2003 Peaches Fatherfucker XL Recordings "Shake Yer Dix" vocals

2002 Taylor Savvy Ladies and Gentlemen Kitty-Yo "She's Got It" vocals

2002 Peaches The Teaches of Peaches XL Recordings "Casanova" collaboration

Various Artist Compilations
2006 Girlmonster Chicks on Speed records "demons of love"

2006 Some Tunes Basserk "Death Race Remix"

2006 Styles Selection Toshiba/EMI Japan "Death Race"

2005 Berlin Insane III Pale Music "Succubus"

2005 Party Escalator Escalator Records "Bad Girl"

2004 Agenda 2010 Lage D'Or "Little Miss Feelgood"

2003 Lexoleum Trilogy Lex Records "Casanova"

2002 Wir Lage D'Or "Bad,Evil, Wicked and Mean"

2002 Colette No 4 Colette Records "Bad Evil Wicked and Mean"

2002 Y03 Lage D'Or "Bad Evil Wicked and Mean"

Contributing Movie
2007 MTV Bust a Move "Bad Girl"

2006 Kampfansage der letzte Schueler DVD release Germany "Black Soul"

2004 Clash of Cultures: The Rise of the Electro Scene DVD release Brazil "Bad, Evil,Wicked and Mean"



Mignon’s solo career began in 2002 when she performed with an array of artists at festivals such as Larry Tee’s Electroclash-festival in New York and Arthur Baker’s Return to NewYork-festival in London. She supported 'Trail of Dead' in Germany on their 2004 tour and undertook her own tour of California in 2005. Mignon has performed her solo shows at venues all across Europe. Mignon self-produced her debut album "Bad Evil Wicked and Mean" in Berlin and invited guest such as Lady Miss Kier (Deelite) Peaches, Thomas Wydler (Bad Seeds), Gonzales and Taylor Savvy to contribute. The album was released in Europe, Japan and Australia in 2007.
Mignon toured with Peaches in 2001 and 2002 as a performer and vocalist. Discovering a similar taste in music and a desire to shock audiences, they co-wrote and performed tracks together such as "Casanova" and "She’s a Rebel". Jointly they have played in England at the Leeds and Reading Festival as well as Australia and New Zealand for the “Big Day Out” accompanied by “Cobra Killer”. They also supported “Queens of the Stoneage” and “ You will know us by the name Trail of Dead”on 16 tour-dates in North America through the fall of 2002.

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