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"Migrating Birds EP Review"

Migrating Birds, may not be a name that rolls of the tongue, but the music rolls off the ears, like a silk scarf, flowing down a sows ear. OK, maybe not the best of analogies, but hey nobody said I was perfect. Suffice to say, this four piece band have a wonderful sound, that at times harkens back to Gong, albeit the more intelligible, musical Gong tunes. They also remind me of a more recent band, Hopewell, with an at times, almost ethereal, smattering of the psychedelic.

This four track EP opens with “Fearless”, which starts very deceptively, sounding very much like the earlier mentioned Hopewell. The track then morphs into something a bit more upbeat, but with a very intriguing vocal style. This for me is the standout track on the EP, and very rightly placed as the first track on the EP, smacking you squarely in the face.

The track “Atari vs Commodore” came as something of a surprise, as it has a strong British overtone, with mention of pram wheels and Paninni stickers. It’s roots are firmly in the days of the 80’s computer scene. It’s a fairly whimsical track, but really strikes a chord with me. I have to say though, I’m a little disappointed they didn’t even mention the ZX Spectrum, cos we all know the Speccy was the best. Delving a little deeper though, I found the band’s members each hail from a different country, England, France, Canada and the US, which goes a long way to explaining this eclectic release.

“Summmer’s Treasure” again has that vocal style tinged with psychedelic angst, but it is so easy to listen to. I have to admit though, this may not be the case if this were the style running predominantly through a whole album, as I think things would then begin to sound very samey.

The EP rounds of with the title track, “Migrating Birds”, a more upbeat, rock number which again sounds like it’s influenced by the BritPop sound of the 90’s. It’s a great way to round things off.

Conclusion : A great first EP, that shows the bands ability to keep the listener on their toes. Looking forward to a full length release hopefully in the near future. Certainly a band to watch out for.

- www.indielaunchpad.com - Colin Meeks

"Migrating Birds"

Montreal 4-piece whose dark music is reminiscent of English avant-garde groups like Hood. Hints of folkyness are vanquished by shoegazy verses and flyaway choruses

- www.subba-cultcha.com

"A flock in the right direction"

Migrating Birds joined together in Montreal as smoothly and correctly as a flock of starlings. Individual members in prior projects have released albums around the world, with some including production and performances by Woody Woodmansey, drummer from David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars, and Sly and Robbie. Today, Migrating Birds are a band of 3 experienced and enthusiastic musicians in a Montreal project with a captivating stage presence.
The progress and development of the band continues with a musical and professional direction that seems to flow on its own, independent of the band itself- music is natural. Each live show bears this out for Migrating Birds as audience enthusiasm is palpable, and guest musicians continue to hop aboard the flock. - Gabe Flacks

"Alice Klien from the Daily Telegraph"

Haunting yet sweet, migrating birds are a delicate mixture of catchy folk and spooky psychadelica. Fox's Bowie-esque vocals, quirky lyrics and the addition of electro make Migrating Birds a relevant, much-needed addition to the world of indie rock. - Alice Klien

"Dan Frost from the South London Press"

Sparse, delicate and beautiful, Migrating Birds' Bowie-infused songs are the perfect soundtrack to fresh autumn mornings and nights under the stars. - Dan Frost


Migrating Birds EP - played on multiple podcasts and radio shows. Songs:
Fearless - played on CJAD, Montreal
Atari vs Commodore
Summer's Treasure
Migrating Birds - played on CBC Radio 1, Montreal



Migrating Birds began after a group of Montreal immigrants decided to fight the cold winter nights by sharing sound waves and crackling microphones. With influences ranging from rock to bottom, our music is characteristic of a certain folk rock revival, blending rhythmic variations with melodic sensibility. A few electro pop songs are thrown into the mix for good measure. In 2008 we played many city gigs, recorded a 4-track EP self-release and produced our very first music video. We are currently involved in the production of an album to be launched in fall 2009. With the album’s promotion in mind, we wish to spread our wings over an Empire on which the sun never sets: the Empire of rock n roll!

Recent press review:

"Montreal 4-piece whose dark music is reminiscent of English avant-garde groups like Hood. Hints of folkyness are vanquished by shoegazy verses and flyaway choruses."