Miguel Coka

Miguel Coka


a new wave-flavored sound which is also reminiscent of, oh, let's just say Depeche mode and New Order.


A native of Ecuador, I moved to the United States in 1983 in pursuit of the American dream. Music has always been a compelling outlet for personal expression, which I have been able to develop more strongly in this country. In my childhood music surrounded me -- voices, pianos, guitars -- but it was in high school that I discovered my gift for songwriting and gained exposure to some of the artists who have become my greatest influences: Bernard Sumner, Martin Gore, Peter Hook, BT, Robert Smith, Bono, and Sarah McLachlan. I typically compose on the piano and later perform on guitar. Currently I am a graduate of SAE Miami, where I received a diploma in Audio Engineering in October of 2005. I have met many talented artists there, with whom I have collaborated in songwriting and recording during my technical training. Beyond my formal studies, I am working to educate myself on current information and technology by engaging with other professionals at forums such as the Music Industry Summit, which I recently attended. I am Pro Tools 101 certified. Member Grammy Florida Chapter.

Infuences; Martin Gore, Peter Hook, Bernard Sumner, The Bravery, Butterfly Boucher, U2, BT, The Beegees, The Cure, New Order, Depeche Mode, Sarah McLachlan, Keane


Busy Street; digital only release (iTunes) August 2006.
Bright Eyes; digital only release (iTunes) September 2006.

Busy street; aired on Radio Darmsdat Germany and WVUM 90.5 FM Miami, Florida.

Feel; aired on Ecuadorian Radio (South America).

Set List

Busy street
Bright Eyes
Mi amor
Stand Alone