Miguel Martinez

Miguel Martinez

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I am a solo artist looking to promote my songs and talent. The music is adult/contemporary with a blues influence, and ranges from blues to folk and even a hint of country.


I would describe my music as adult/contemporary with some blues influence. My songs are easy on the ears and are definitely fun to play.

I have been an active musician for over 20 years, performing in clubs such as the Coach House and Galaxy theatres in Orange County, CA, and Jack's Sugar Shack, the Whiskey Agogo, and others in Los Angeles. Formerly with the band Shook Up World, I am now composing and doing local performances in the Portland, Oregon area and looking to get a record contract or publishing deal.

In the early years I absorbed every lesson I could from friends, family, and favorite cassette tapes, and began singing and playing in Rock and Latin bands in high school. As things progressed, I developed a liking to the blues, looking up to players like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Clapton.

In 1993, I helped form Shook Up World, where I got much of the performing experience in the larger clubs mentioned above. The band got the opportunity to record a CD, You Are Here, at Clear Lake Audio in Burbank, CA, and mixed the project at Paramount Recording Studios. The project was a local success, selling around 1,000 copies, and was featured on a KLOS local spotlight. Unfortunately it never go the follow up it deserved.

After several years of compiling more songs and refining my talent, I recorded a solo project in 2002 called Stories. Currently I continue to compose and record new material, both solo and in collaboration with others.


Leave the Key

Written By: Miguel M. Martinez

Lonely days and lonely ways have gone on by
And the love we used to share doesn’t bother my mind
Here today, gone tomorrow, that’s my life
Like the leaves in the Autumn trees blowing in the night
And the light you left on the porch meant the world to me
But you forgot to leave the key

I lit a candle and poured a drink
And sat down with my old six string
I wrote the best damn song of my life
I still don’t know what it means

I took a trip to San Francisco Bay
Let the wind run through my hair all day
And while my mind was running through the clouds
I heard Jesus say
The light you left on the porch meant the world to me
But you forgot to leave the key

Now the bottle has just run dry
And the candle’s run out of fire
I can’t remember a note I just played
It’s just gone out of my mind
The light you left on the porch meant the world to me
But you forgot to leave the key


Written By: Miguel M. Martinez

Living on this same old street, talking to my next door neighbor
I know he don’t mean a thing, he says
Telling him that same old story, I once told you
Listening to the ones he’s got, for me
I know you’ve got some stories to tell to me

Get out to enjoy some life, drive out in that big blue car
Riding down that favorite street,
Covered with trees, smiles, little boys and girls, and dreams
Working on that lemonade stand
Running through the grass, hand in hand
Working out the stories they plan, to tell
I know you’ve got a story to tell to me

Tell me a story, of the times you’ve had
Tell me that story, that made you sad
Give me that feeling, of a reel good time
Re-live that moment, and laugh inside

Cause I would love to tell you
About the times we spent together on the strand
How we began to feel
As our feet caressed each other in the sand

Driving out to Idaho, three hundred, twenty nine miles to go
Well those miles just fly on by
When your hanging outside the window
Your best friend holding on tight
Come on back through the Garden of the Gods
When I looked up I could have sworn I saw
A little Indian boy with wings as wide as mine
I bet he had some stories to tell to me

I would love to tell you, but it makes me cry

Fly Away

Written By: Miguel M. Martinez

I wish I could fly
Like the birds of the air
I wish I could toss and turn in the sky
At the whim of my mind

I wish I could run, like the stallions run free
This old coral would be torn down
The sun and the wind would be my crown

You don’t have to hold the reigns
I’ll just run and run and run and run
There’s no note tied to my leg
There’s no reason for this bird to fly away
I’ll just fly away

Here stand the men, in the bodies of young
Holding their hearts, so bright and strong
In the palm of their hands
Here stand the ladies, with their hair blowing wild
Looking to fill their minds with the truth
They’ll do anything to shed their youth

And how they remind me, of me