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Mihad Ali



My name is Mihad Ali as you all know,ha. I was born in Brooklyn, New York and have been everywhere from NJ to Egypt to places as far off the map as Australia. I started singing when I was five years of age, at home, in competitions, anywhere where I had an audience. Took up the keys and loved it, but circumstances changed and had to move and could not pack my keys, Damn. At the tender age of 10, yes, y'all, I officially retired and set my sights on becoming a doctor.

6 years go by,and i'm about to finish the last few months of high school, I didn't get into Actual Med but I knew that I was gonna become a doctor. Decided to leave that for music but now 4yrs later I have realized that i can do both without having to sacrifice my love for science or for the arts. As of next yr i will be hopefully doing both.

Getting back 2 da music within 15 minutes, on the 1st night of December 2001 , I had written the song Memories. Then I started helping peeps on the net wit their songs, then at 18: I set up a website, started a business and entered the ISC with the song Memories ,found out I was a finalist, that I won and ta da,and here I am. In my spare time, I also paint, love to read, write, (doh!)


My first book "Questions" is now out on All Online Retail and as a FREE download.

* A dollar from "Questions"sold will go to help the people who were in the midst of Katrina.

The new book ME is out. Go 2 the site to read the FREE download.

thanx 4 readin.

My influences are musicians and writers like Prince, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, rappers Nas and Tupac and the like, you know the deal.


Miss cream of the crop

Written By: Mihad Ali

verse 1
can i be your love/
will you be mine/
kinda like our love intertwined?
first day i saw you/
i cried a teardrop/
from that moment i knew i wanted you. (miss cream of
the crop)

your brown-eyed beauty/
made my red heart stop/
like a child, named Sandy/
with candy in her hand/
i love you, miss cream of the crop.

can't wait to start/
our life in two parts/
one with you and I, /
two with you, I and baby/
i love you miss cream of the crop.

verse 2
i will be your king/
you will be my queen/
i will give you all, even the brass ring.
jump on my horse/
then you will see/
i will cherish you for eternity.


now that i have you in my arms,
i vow to you, i need you/
may god bless us with a child,
from a body that drives men wild.


Face of an angel

Written By: Mihad Ali

I wished someday/
that you would be here/
so that all of my life could become clear.
I can now breathe/
a sense of relief/
that after all this time, you are now here.

the face of an angel/
has appeared before me/
a sea of emotions/
love, joy and destiny/
has so suddenly come over me.
the face of an angel/
has appeared before me/
a sea of emotions/
love, joy and destiny/
has so suddenly come over me.

verse 2
Someone to hold me/
and for me to hold/
A person to lean on when things get cold.
When the clouds are grey/
and the thunder starts/
I will be able to grab your heart.


Finally you are here next to me, like two lovebirds in
the pine tree.
Nothing will come between you and me, im crazy for
you're love.

My Everything

Written By: Mihad Ali

Alone in my home/
Without anyone here/
It's you I have always wanted my dear.
To live life with you/
right by my side/
That's how I know my soul will never die.

To love you every day/
to love you every night/
You are my lucky star/
shining oh so bright/
To me you are my everything
verse 2
the day we first met/
I loved you so/
It was then I knew you would be my rose.
Since that sunny day/
Many years have gone past/
In my heart I know that we will last.

Instrumental Solo

Bridge: Wishing you are here with me, for all this time, so many years
You are the lady of my dreams, you have saved me from harm.


I am also in the early stages of writing two songs for a musical. Will be updated when im done.