Mihka Chee

Mihka Chee


Mihka is a 22 year old Mori Chinese music maker from Aotearoa, New Zealand. She believes any style of music can be beautiful and inspiring. Her influences include life, love and Jeff Buckley. She plays guitar, violin, piano, sings and writes. Her music is an eclectic mix of folk, pop and rock.


Music has always been a part of Mihka's life. She attended a violin lesson (her sister's!) at just one week old, and started formal training on violin and piano at 3 years old. Practicing every day for an hour on each instrument, Mihka developed a strong work ethic and which fueled her foray into guitar lessons at age 13. Wanting to build her versatility, Mihka also began jazz singing lessons around this time. Growing bored of classical music and full of "teen angst", Mihka joined her first punk band at 16, and from there was the only female member of many otherwise all-male bands. Often doubted in her ability to keep up with the boys, this only made Mihka more determined to show them what she was made of! She rather begrudgingly decided to go to university- but in the end, with some relief, found a degree that seemed just right- the Bachelor of Music, majoring in Popular Music. Now, with four weeks from completion, Mihka is on the verge of releasing her debut EP, entitled "Shadow Art", with the help of producer and good friend Todd Beeby. She is also playing guitar in a pop/rock band called Ivy Lies, with all female co-members. Mihka is ready to take on the world... here she is.

Set List

Songs I am currently performing (30 mins approx):
Shadow Art
How Did It Come To This
Little Girl
Not the One
Two Trees
Go On