MI$$ Hoop$

MI$$ Hoop$

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The Future Of Hip Hop. MI$$ Hoop$ is not your typical, everyday female Hip Hop/Rap Artists. MI$$ Hoop$, possess a style and uniqueness that allows others to see her music on a different level.


Born & Raised in the great city of Orlando, FL and now residing in Atlanta, MI$$ Hoop$ is here to prove that Hip Hop is definitely not dead, especially not for female artists, the new era is now beginning.

MI$$ Hoop$, is your everyday average person, working hard to make a name for herself in the world. Discovered by manager, producer, and friend, "Mr. LB", Hoop$ is sending a message that she is what the Hip Hop game has been missing.


Current Singles:

Move Like That
Get Some (Feat/P. Ivy)
Soldier Girl

Album In Stores: February 28, 2008