Mikael Lewis

Mikael Lewis


Lewis is the complete package. He writes like Dylan, sings like Buckley, plays like Bruce Cockburn and has the boyish good looks of Toby McGuire.


Since picking up his first acoustic guitar, Mikael Lewis has been blending Folk, Alternative Rock and Americana with subtle hints of Jazz and Blues. Lewis is the complete package. He writes like Dylan, sings like Buckley, plays like Bruce Cockburn and has the boyish good looks of Toby McGuire.
Lewis has toured extensively throughout the UK, the US and Ireland sharing the stage with such greats as Eddie from Ohio, John Hammond, English folk legend Nick Harper and Irish star Brian Kennedy.
Mikael currently resides in New Jersey where he is working on tracks for a new album. Mikael also handles percussion for contemporary folk duo Baird and Lewis with songwriter/guitarist Arnie Baird.


Chasing a Dream

Written By: Mikael Lewis

Angel hit the open road chasing her dream
She’s gonna be the sweetheart of the silver screen
Gonna swim the black river crossing the land
In the mist on the window she formulates her plan

White lines blur at 1200 miles
She catches her reflection and checks her smile
Burning bridges wasn’t so hard
She remembers what her daddy said,
He told her, girl, you’ve gotta work so hard
If you want to earn that reward

One day she’s gonna realize that dream
She can already see her name in neon lights
Can you see those lights?

400 miles left to go then she’ll start her show
She’s got her names, their on her list, she’s in the know
Gonna wake up and wipe her eyes on sunset boulevard
She’s gonna make it man, she’ll be a big star

A big, big star
Queen of the silver screen
Just like Norma Jean

Angel hit the open road chasing her dream

The Sound of Falling Snow

Written By: Mikael Lewis

I'm mourning for the city folk who've never known the sound of falling snow
Who only judge the seasons by the colours in the shop windows,
Theres a brightness in the wooded land that penetrates the armour of your soul,
And the earth speaks golden whispers to the hearts of those with room to grow.

And so I try to bend in the wind
'Cuz ignorance can only break you in the end.

On the dark side of a mountain theres a poplar standing old and wise,
He's the keeper of a sacred key that opens doors up to the other side,
The legend speaks of ancient ways in rhythm with the pulse of the land,
So every year I travel here to hang my broken dreams in its hand.

And then I try to move in that sound
And keep my roots in solid ground.

Returning to the city lights with a heightened sense of purpose and renewal,
I bow my head to better days and hold inside my heart this little jewel,
The only thing we need to learn is written in the woodlands of the heart,
You'll hear it if you listen for the gentle sound of falling snow.

True Romance

Written By: Mikael Lewis

Bobby's got a shotgun and a forty four
Gonna take a little trip to the liquor store
A deep urge to settle the score and
He ain't gonna take no shit no more

Girlfriend Suzies gonna wait in the car
And hawkeye the road for the silver star
She'd like to run but she won't get far
He said baby I'll get you wherever you are
So don't run, no don't run

True Romance was her favourite film and she'd like to go down that way
She always dreamed of the beaches in Spain
but it's the only reason she has to stay

She waits in the car and she listens to Coltrane
Its hard to see anything through this rain
Sweet jazz music used to ease all her pain
So why all these tears that she can't explain?

It's taking too long man, something ain't right
Two shots fired in the darkening night
Three figures emerge but they ain't her man
so she's gonna run just as fast as she can

True romance was her favourite film but it didn't go down that way
Hollywood ain't as real as it seems
Guess he wasn't the man that she saw in her dreams


"Songs of Freedom" Full length debut from Mikaels duet: Bucket of Witches. Recorded in Arizona with songwriter friend John Feula. Released in 2004 on Inkwell Productions Records. Streaming tracks available at www.bucketofwitches.com

"Closer to the Dream"-four song EP released on Stonemonkey Records in 2002. Recorded with full band in Ireland.

"Songs from the Bigtop"- five song EP released on Stonemonkey Records in 2000. Recorded with full band in Ireland.

Set List

A prolific writer, Mikael has enough original material for about 2-3 hours of live performance. Mikael is also a great lover of other folks music and has been known to fill up to 4 hours with some amazingly original covers from artists such as Tom Waits, Prince, Springsteen, Stevie Wonder and Jimi Hendrix.