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"Re; Crazy Day - Toby Anstis (Heartfm & Ibiza DJ)"

Just back from Ibiza, so you've caught me at a great time to hear a new dance track!

I think it's a STORMING tune! Seriously catchy and very now.

Exciting. - Global Radio


Crazy Day - EP (Including remix by DJPDance)
Fever - DJPDance mix
Sex & Lies
1 Love (Tell me)
Fever (album version)
Ur Girl
U Didn't Call



A mix of old and new pop funkology mashed together!

Part 1.
I was born in the 80's in a little old place called Darlington. I escaped when I was 16 and spent some months living in California. When I came back to my native shores, I moved to London.

Most of my early days were quite the Whittington way, i.e. when I first came here, I was squatting as I had no where to live. Sob sob. I soon dragged myself out of the gutter and launched into what we all know as 'the day job' It was this that supported me in everything I wanted to do.

I created a folk band, an acoustic outfit, and started learning about music. My then guitarist taught me quite a lot, and I take most of that with me to this day. We performed at a few fantastic venues such as the Borderline, 12 Bar Club and various others around old Londinium.

It was evident that folk music wasn't for me. I think I ended up doing that because I wanted to learn some of the basics, people in this industry can be quite snooty. Thus, I got what I wanted to.

I love pop music. I love funk, electro and anything I can shake my 'thang' to. Give me a bit of Prince, Jamiroquai and Moloko any day over Turin Brakes! Thus I launched myself into what you hear now.

Part 2.
It all started in Shoreditch, Shoreditch South actually. In a basement, in Griff's Studio. I worked with this guy for around a year, and in terms of teaching me how to actually produce music, then this guy rocked. He gave me everything I needed to learn about beats, breaks and anything funkilicious. He's a big fan of the 80's though, and whilst I like the 80's, I don't adore it so I moved on.

Evidently you will hear a few 80's twinges in what I do, so I guess it all embedded somewhere.

After writing a few cool tunes with Griff, I tracked down Ben Jones. A great producer with whom I have been working on my album now for some time. Ben has a wealth of experience, mixed with the Dream Team, (Destiny's Child, Say My Name) Nerina Pallot, Sugababes, Chaka Khan and Neneh Cherry, so I knew I was in eclectic hands.

I also like to co-produce as I know what I want something to sound like, thus we jumped on the same train. I can say that Ben is a whizz producer and a great friend. It was him who eventually handed me a 60 second piece of music he called "Hot Connection". He asked what I thought.

I loved it. No one else could have it, even though he was pitching it as an American Idol soundbite. I knew I could do something with it. I took this piece of music home, went out on the beers, and wrote Crazy Day the next morning. Listen to the lyrics and you'll know what I mean.

So I find myself thinking of Part 3. In the meantime, check out the news updates, as these will loosely create what will be that Part Trois.

Enjoy Love, peace and grooves.


Mikal now resides in West London and is releasing his first single, Crazy Day in August 2008. Crazy Day was produced by Ben Jones ("Say My Name" Destiny's Child/The Rolling Stones/Chaka Khan) A club version of the song is also available, mixed by DJPDance.