Mike Clervil

Mike Clervil

 Brooklyn, New York, USA
BandHip HopEDM

“Gritty and raw, with an overdose of confidence.” This is the quick way to describe songwriter and lyricist Mike Clervil, however there is much more to this Brooklyn, New York native than meets the eye.


“Gritty and raw, with an overdose of confidence.” This is the quick way to describe songwriter and lyricist Mike Clevril also know as Stixx. However there is much more to this Brooklyn, New York native than meets the eye. Mike will unveil his second full-length project entitled 527. The original street album is a stimulating collection of songs that Stixx has worked tirelessly on for months with Platinum beat crafter Crownbeatz (Young Buck, Collie Budz, Maino) and fresh-faced producers Will Swagger (Soulja Boy)and Belize Da Hype (Lil Cease) and BeanOne (Macklemore, Stone Gossard, and Black Sheep)Raised in Brownsville and Flatbush, Mike Clevril grew up with a passion for music. His family played everything from pop, reggae, R&B and rock & roll, but it was Hip Hop that struck a chord with him. By age 12, Mike was kicking freestyles around the neighborhood, but it wasn’t until he got reaction from friends on his first real song that he knew he could take his gift to greater heights. There is no doubt that Mike looks to his hometown as a source of inspiration on the regular. “Brooklyn inspires me artistically a lot,” he asserts. “It’s a melting pot for style, swag, music and creativity.  If you’re from Brooklyn you know everyone has a story. Growing up in Brownsville and Flatbush, there’s a certain level of toughness and coolness we all share. Brooklyn cats know how to adapt. I’ll bring it everywhere I visit, and always add on to it.”
 For the past year, Mike Clervil has been preparing his sophomore effort, 527. With experiences that stem from personal situations, and his jet-setting lifestyle, all is incorporated into his songwriting. Stixx plans on giving listeners another perspective on his style of music. He sees the new album as the next phase of evolving. “Since Road to Success, my style and sound has matured,” Mike explains. “I find it crucially important to travel, and I make it a point to do so every time the opportunity presents itself. New places, cultures and people bring a fresh perspective to my music. Inspiration comes from everything I am in contact with.” On 527Mike Clevril collaborated with contributing producers to create an album with direction – a project that articulates the feel he envisioned for his second serving.  “This is a different side I’m introducing musically,” says Mike. “I took my time in the studio, from song structure to delivery. I wanted to speak from a true place, giving listeners a perspective of where I was, where am at now and where I want to be. Each producer brings their own unique sound and every song has its own feel and purpose. For instance, “Peer Pressure”, paints the picture of a young man wanting to do good, however falling short of expectations due to circumstances. ‘Making of a Legend’ deals with self-worth and strength. Then there’s ‘BAD GIRLS', give  appreciation to the opposite sex. I wanted to make a song that was fun with a message, yet easy on the ears that everybody could enjoy. "I'm learning when women are happy the earth spins a whole lot smoother... Communication between the sexes is important." "Unapproachable, nah just come correct / Greet her when you see her don't  live with regrets / Shorty turn you down cool on to the next / To all my Bad Girls Salute, keep it correct"-  I think a lot of people can relate to that.” As people listen 527Mike Clevril is confident that everyone will take away something personal from the music.  “There are different sounds, feels and textures, so if someone connects with one song that’s good enough for me. If more than one…even better. I have accomplished a lot thus far, and I still have more to do. I want people to take this journey with me. Every day is a day to improve, and everything is possible through hard work and dedication.” 527, the new mixtape album coming soon.


1.Road to Success 2010

2.Dom P & Cubans July 2013