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Mike Mikus

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Alternative Garage Rock




"Mikus warms up for official Boxing Day release (8 photos)"

Amid the shoes and hoodies and skateboards of the Rad Zone in the Wellington Square Mall, Mike Mikus hosted a special all-ages free performance Saturday afternoon. It was an acoustic warm-up of sorts to his upcoming CD release celebration scheduled for Boxing Day at Loplops. Joining him were Keegan Rosso on percussion and Pete Mozarowski on cello.

The former frontman of The Pixo Control told SooToday the switch from band to solo was something he felt needed to happen, although, he is often joined on stage by his old bandmates, the aforementioned Rosso and Dustin Goodall.

“The number one thing that I wanted to concentrate on was the art and I wanted the music to be good. I really wanted to have an experience that taught me something. I decided to just do the solo gig because I didn’t want to call it a cheesy band name, and I didn’t really have anything to call it,” he joked.

His forthcoming self-titled release is likely what a second Pixo album would have been, although more than half of which was written after the band split up, Mikus said. Goodall engineered and recorded the nine tracks for the record and the band had complete control over all aspects of the process.

“(Dustin and I) really see eye to eye, so it was a really easy recording experience,” Mikus told us.

“It was a cool experience because it happened on our free time. We were hanging out all the time and creating music anyway, so it just blended into what we do as we wanted to do it. At the same time, it was a major learning curve which I’m very grateful for. That’s the whole point of this – it teaches you something.”

Although Mikus relocated to Montreal earlier this year, he has not gigged much, but has instead been feeling his way through the city’s creative communities. He’s been busy creating, he said, and is already working on and looking forward to future releases.

Until then, fans and friends are invited to join Mike Mikus and guests – Dustin Goodall, Keegan Rosso and maybe a few surprises – at Loplops on Boxing Day, Dec. 26. Doors open at 9 p.m. Opening performances include those from All Us Others and Id Iota.

Admission at the door is $10 or $15 for admission plus a digital download of the new Mike Mikus album. You must be 19 or older to attend this show.

To preorder the Mike Mikus self-titled release, please click here. - SooToday

"Mikus brings new album home"

Life in La Belle Province is pretty good for Mike Mikus.

The Sault Ste. Marie native made the move to Quebec this summer after graduating from Superior Heights Collegiate and Vocational School.

He's working in a restaurant kitchen while pursing his love of music.

Mikus met his roommate, Oli Palkovits, during a show in Sudbury earlier this year. He's a musician too. The pair have agreed to work on each other's creative ventures.

“We hear each other practising the same song for hours at a time,” Mikus told The Sault Star during a recent telephone interview. “It's obviously great to have a person in the house who's also concentrating on the creative aspect of his own life. It kind of inspires you and it kind of motivates you too to continue to apply yourself to everything that you're trying to do.”

His goals include launching his new self-titled album at LopLops on Tuesday. Mikus is also giving thought to his next two efforts.

“I've been having a lot of time to process what's happening in my life and just trying to have an idea of what it is that I'm trying to tell people,” he said. “I don't want to talk about nothing at all.”

Getting a band together in his new home is another priority. He needs a drummer to fill out the lineup.

“I have some people who are pretty interested in playing,” said Mikus of rounding up musicians. “I'm trying to make it happen. Montreal's a great place for meeting people who are actually really creative and who are really interested in the arts.”

His new album features nine songs written over the last four years. He opted to have an eponymous album as he makes the move from previous band projects, such as The Pixo Control, to having more a of a profile fronting a group.

“This is the introduction, so I might as well just introduce myself with my name,” said Mikus.

His album is available on streaming services such as Spotifty and iTunes.

Compact discs are expected to be sold starting in early 2018.

He'll be joined by Dustin Goodall (bass) and Keeghan Rosso (drums) with guests including Chloe Moore (keyboard) on Tuesday.

Just what he'll play will be figured out a little closer to show time, but expect to hear a lot of his new release that officially came out Friday.

“We want to feel it out,” said Mikus. “The plan is obviously put the spotlight on the album.”

Mikus might offer listeners a glimpse of material he's penned since moving to Montreal.

“It's going to depend on what it sounds like when I'm practising it on the day before,” he said. “I just want it to be proper. I wouldn't want to play it if it wasn't up to par. We'll see.”

While many of his classmates are returning home from their first semester at college or university, Mikus is confident he made the right choice to take a different route.

“It's really important to me for one thing,” he said. “I really enjoy it. I don't enjoy school that much. There are times where I do enjoy it, but I have to be interested in it. You've got to do what you're happy with because if you're not happy you're just not really applying yourself 100 per cent. I didn't want to head to school and spend all this money and not apply myself. I knew I would apply myself if I was coming up with tunes in my room and playing them to people, so I did that.”

Mikus, Goodall and Rosso play a free acoustic hour-long set on Saturday at 2 p.m. at The Rad Zone at Wellington Square Mall.

All Us Others and id iota open for Mikus starting at 10 p.m. on Tuesday., Admission is $10.

Digital download cards will be sold at both shows for $5. Price jumps to $7.99 after his Sault dates. - Sault Star

"Mikus unwraps new songs"

Mike Mikus performs songs from his new self-titled album at The Rad Zone on Saturday. Now based in Montreal, the Superior Heights Collegiate and Vocational School graduate plans to continue and record music. His website is https://mikemikusca.wordpress.com/ - Sault Star

"Mikus welcomes frontman's role"

It's The Last Waltz for Mike Mikus.

The Sault Ste. Marie musician's pair of shows Saturday are his final gigs before he packs his bags and moves to Montreal later this month.

He brings with him a musical resume that began with The Fever Tops, moved on to The Pixo Control and now centres on a band bearing his own name and an anticipated ever-changing lineup of players.

The prospect of being the group's main focus left Mikus “terrified at first.”

He's since warmed to the possibilites of being the band's creative driver.

“This is an opportunity for me to be able to put out music that I was coming up with pretty much just on my own,” Mikus told The Sault Star in a recent interview. “(The songs) all come from a room in my house on an acoustic guitar or something like that.”

A new album, featuring nine originals, is due out this fall.

The disc also features Dustin Goodall on bass with Keeghan Rosso and Mitch Harris sharing drum duties. Cellist Pete Mozarowski guests on two songs. Mikus is on keyboards and percussion.

Goodall was expected to do a short stint with Mikus, but his band tenure now tops a year. Mikus is grateful for the extra time to collaborate.

“I'm really grateful for everything that he's done,” said Mikus. “He's been a huge part of helping out. It really turned these tunes into an album.”

Goodall also arranged Cool Smokers on the disc.

The rock album is influenced by other genres including hip hop and rhythm and blues.

“We're into all sorts of groups and all sorts of artists through the years,” said Mikus.

He's excited to play River and Sky Music and Camping Festival on July 21. It's a “great opportunity,” Mikus says, to reach new fans.

After what promises to be the biggest audience he's ever entertained, Mikus heads to Montreal where he wants to find work and, more importantly, keep making music.

“I want to record albums until I die,” he said.

Mikus plays Rotaryfest's Stage 2, near Art Gallery of Algoma, Saturday at 2 p.m. Id iota opens for Mikus at Loplops at 9 p.m. - Sault Star

"Man seen dancing on Queen Street in his underwear"

It was Mike Mikus in his new music video Drowning Crown. - SooToday

"Carleton Music Showcase"

Music and topics from students, alumni and staff of the music program in Carleton University.
Hosted by: Vivian Lim, Laura Falco, Garrett Warner, Andrew Knox and Crystalena Paquette
Airs: Every Tuesday from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM - CKCU

"AC/DC powered Mikus' love of music"

Michael Mikus' interest in music started with a bang.

More specifically, AC/DC's Thunderstruck.

His grandmother, Irene Mikus, is a “massive, massive, massive” fan of the Australian hard rock band. A favored track was Thunderstruck, the 1990 song that still gets played regularly at Soo Greyhounds' home games.

“She'd be playing that all the time,” said Mikus in a recent interview.

“Eventually I really enjoyed it too.”

He soon shared his grandmother's passion for the musicians behind Back in Black and Hells Bells, listening to AC/DC “constantly” until he was eight.

His interest in music was muted for four years until he picked up an acoustic guitar when he was 12 and started writing and playing. Hey You was his first effort, what he now calls a “very straightforward” song.

Guitar lessons with Keith Conway began at Case's Music. He appeared in performances by all-star youth bands organized by the music school. More public gigs followed with an acoustic set during Rotaryfest two years ago. This past school year, his duo The Fever Tops (with drummer Mitch Harris) recorded two songs, the original I'm So Disease and a cover of The White Stripes' Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine as part of Superior Heigths' Funplugged project.

Mikus, 15, plans to play some of his original material (“a mesh of blues, punk and alternative”) with covers of tracks recorded by Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and Cream when he appears at Art in the Parking Lot at Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre (Aug. 17, 7 p.m.) and Art in the Park at Roberta Bondar Pavilion (Aug. 18, 11 a.m.).

The Grade 10 student is hoping his back-to-back appearances next week will catch the ear of other teenagers interested in making music.

“I feel like the youth music scene is slowly starting to take off in the Sault,” said Mikus.

“I think it would be interesting if you could have more kids see the other acts that are supposed to be here in the Sault.”

Plans are in the works for The Fever Tops and The Mulch and the Mire, another teen band based at Superior Heights, to help open for a touring act at Loplops in October.

Mulch and Mire frontman Jackson Reed is Mikus' friend.

Mikus plans to keep focused on music for years to come. His goal is to become a professional musician and tour the world.

Art in the Parking Lot also features Melissa Connors (photography), Sharon Dyni (author), Phil Jones (aboriginal art), Mike Nebesniuk (photography), Kim Slone (crafter), Jamie-lyn Wilson (jewelry), Mary Nebesniuk (woodwork), Sheri Minardi (photography), Dave Ohare (woodwork), Suzzane Cuthbertson (jewelry), HealtheHunter (drawing), Carly Bumbacco (painting), Miriam Devvar (crafts), Natalie Gravelle (crafts), Cheryl Landmark (literary), Kenya Myler, Dee Nelson (photography), Leila Siltaner (woodwork, jewlery), William Barner (jewelry) and Lisa Thompson (greeting cards). - Sault Star

"An Evening in the Soo with Mike Mikus & Id Iota!"

(Sault Ste. Marie, Cock n Soul)

Who is Mike Mikus? He’s just some head-case Northern Ontario kid with enough energy to pass around a room. Whatever you’re passing around the room, you can feel comfortable knowing that Mikus’ music will be there to accompany your dynamic set of emotions. Mike and his band of goofs will be performing an exclusive new set featuring unreleased songs from their next full-length album ‘Squareheads & Frogs’, set for release in 2017.

Official Music Video for new single, ‘Drowning Crown’:

(Sault Ste. Marie, Indie Rock)

Your brain is a bull and Id Iota is going to saddle up with a peculiar yet comfortable fusion of pop, jazz, and punk. A sailor’s delight.

Recommended listening for fans of intellectual discourse, beach romps, or day drinks. - Sault Online

"Mike Mikus / Debut Album Release Party"

WHEN: December 26, 2017 @ 9:00 pm – December 27, 2017 @ 1:00 am
WHERE: LopLops Lounge & Gallery - 651 Queen St E, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 2A6, Canada
COST: $10

The official Soo Album Release Party for the new album by Mike Mikus is happening at LopLops on Dec 26th!

$10 for admission or $15 for admission plus digital download of Mike Mikus album!

All Us Others @ 10 PM
id iota @ 10:45 PM
Mike Mikus @ 11:30 PM
Live at LopLops

Pre-order ‘Mike Mikus’ today and get three songs instantly! To pre-order, click here: https://mikemikus.bandcamp.com/releases - Sault Online


The Pixo Control - Probably Not (2015)
Mike Mikus - Mike Mikus (2017)


Feeling a bit camera shy


After Sault Ste. Marie rock band, The Pixo Control had disbanded and fallen from its peak as an ever-growing presence in the local scene, frontman and main songwriter Mike Mikus was left with a choice to make. He could either prolong the life of Pixo, without original bandmates nor original intent; he could start (or try to join) another band; or he could venture off to do something on his own.

While starting the now defunct Pixo Control in late 2013, the intention for the band was to act as a vehicle used to perform Mikus' own songs. Insisting on having his role as the only songwriter, Mikus acted as leader without realizing it. He reflects, "I figured that since I really just wanted to write all the music, I should call the project what it really was." Making the decision to perform under his own name was a challenge. "I was a little freaked out about putting the spotlight on myself. I always wanted to be a part of a band of equal members, but the satisfaction and knowledge I gain from making something on my own is special.”

Formerly with Tidal Records and starting over as an independent artist, Mikus started writing and compiling new material for what would have been The Pixo Control's second album. With some adjustments made to the sound of The Pixo Control's hard-hitting punk attitude, Mikus manages to add a new sense of light breeziness to his songs while still having the dynamic range to hit you over the head with a rock n roll hammer when the time is right.

With an interest in unworldly guitar tones, fishhook melodies, throbbing bass riffs, and pulsating drums makes this music familiar and organic. It's not being shy to include digital drum machines and organ/electric keyboard tones to further accent the varying themes and sentiments in Mikus' songwriting. "I like artists like Ty Segall, who can basically put out any style of record, whether it be soft or hard, and still have it sound signature and authentic. I like to go from a Leonard Cohen to a full-throttle Iggy Pop vibe if that’s what I’m feeling in the moment.”

After releasing the sleek, hooky single 'Drowning Crown' and embarking on his first solo tour across Ontario in October 2016, Mikus would return home to Sault Ste. Marie to begin recording his debut album alongside his bassist and producer Dustin Goodall. Recording sessions took place in various locales, garages and apartments during hours away from their day jobs. Mastered by Joao Carvhallo in Toronto whose work is featured on records by City and Colour, Sloan, and Rush, this debut release by the 19 year old Sooite is only the first of many to come. As Mikus puts it, "The record is kinda shaky, kinda stinky, and has a rawness to it. I like it."

With multiple festival appearances at Sault Ste. Marie’s Rotary, Emergency and Fishbowl Festivals under his belt, plus a recent performance on the Beach Stage at 2017’s River & Sky Music Festival in Northern Ontario, Mikus is now a Montreal resident. Hoping to infect new audiences by performing with his band of pals, and delivering a raw energy which has been the spark for numerable sold-out shows over the years at Loplops, a reputable Soo venue. Demanding attention, yet not taking themselves too seriously, he and the band (which currently feature former Pixo Control members, Keeghan Rosso and Dustin Goodall) have found a new balance in this follow up to The Pixo Control’s 2015 album, Probably Not. Featuring tracks about growth and changes in both Mikus' life and his surroundings, the self-titled album, 'Mike Mikus' is now available in digital download format everywhere.

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