Mike Abrams

Mike Abrams

 Florence, Kentucky, USA

My music directly reflects my relationship with the Lord. It is positive, upbeat and challenging. If is full of variety which stems from me being raised in the bars and loving almost every style of music from the Beach Boys to George Jones to Lynyrd Skynyrd. One CD and you have 4 different styles!


Mike spent a lot of time in the bar life as a drummer before giving his life to Christ. He enjoys singing, sharing and meeting people offering them hope and encouragement. Mike’s typical audience responses are, “I experience worship and can see your heart for the Lord when you sing.” Clay Humphrey says, “Mike’s message is clear, the music is excellent, and the spiritual impact is unquestionable.”
Mike says...
“Incubator Creative Group is all about ministry and not about helping an artist to get famous or to become a star. We recently ended a relationship lasting over 5 years! With their knowledge and understanding of the music ministry I have a new perspective on what it takes to thrive and survive in the music ministry. Thanks to Incubator and the FLToday books, I have grown spiritually and ultimately it will help me to make an impact in peoples lives. After all, if there is no change or impact in the lives of the people attending one of my performances, then I am just another performer making no impact for His kingdom and there are more than enough of those around."
Mike's message is clear, "share what Christ has done for me and what He can and will do for you.”
“Reading books by Cloud and Townsend opened my eyes to things I would never have learned if not for the relationship with Incubator.”

Before recording his first project Mike had never heard of country gospel music having grown up in a city that had no gospel music radio stations. So for his first attempt in the studio that is what he tried to create never knowing it had been done many times before.
Ricky Skaggs, George Jones, Alabama, Merle Haggard were among his favorites and still are today. Add in the classic rock music that he grew up with like Styx, Journey, Eagles, Seger and many more, you get an interesting mix with his CD's.
Nowadays you will find him listening to Lincoln Brewster, Jeromy Camp or a good classic country band not to mention the southern rock stuff that he still enjoys.


So far Mike has 3 projects that are available on CD or Cassette. They sound like country music due to Mikes early influences and he has been told more than once that he sounds similar to Randy Owens from Alabama and Randy Travis. You can be sure however that each song has a message written from the heart of Mike reflecting his walk with Christ.
The full albums are available at Mikes website, Itunes, CDBaby and others as are the individual songs.

"From my heart to your heart"

"One of many branches"

"Walkin with the Savior"