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Don't come crying

Written By: Clive Bell

When your friends have all gone home
When the tom-cats start to sing
When the darkness bites your hand
Don’t come crying to me

When you’re lying all alone
And the stillness closes in
When the silence calls your name
Don’t come crying to me

Come to me now when it’s midnight
Teach me the words of your spell
I fell in love with your heaven
You want to join me in hell

When they’ve closed up for the day
And the seating’s upside down
Six o’clock and time to leave
It’s that kind of town

Come to me now when it’s evening
Show me your trick with the night
I got a head full of darkness
You got a face full of light

When I’m safely in your past
And the scars begin to fade
And the cock crows one last time
Don’t come crying to me.