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"Mike Alexander Raps"

Pleasanton may not be known for it's hip-hop scene, but Michael Alexander is hoping to change all that. Alexander, 25, is trying to make it as a hip-hop artist and just released his CD "Famous," which he self-produced. A graduate of Amador Valley High School, he moved to San Diego after graduating and recently moved back to Pleasanton.

"I would say the bottom line that separates my music from everyone else is that I'm just being me," Alexander said. "I'm not putting on a front. I'm not trying to act like a 'gangsta.' Haha."

Alexander moved to Pleasanton when he was six years old with his mother, Leslie, from Washington, D.C. Growing up, school wasn't really his interest, but he enjoyed creative writing. It wasn't until the age of 17 that Alexander began rapping.

"Everyone messes around and raps for fun, but one time I was at a buddy's house and thought I'd give it a shot," he said. "The reaction I got was really positive."

Although he started working on rap and hip-hop, Alexander didn;t take it seriously until about five years ago.

"I's been doing music for a while, but I wasn't as professional about it before," he said. "I didn't realize how much work needs to be put into it. I would do rap battles and hope someone would see me and I would get recognized and get a record deal off that, but that's just not how it works. The longer I'm in it, the more I realize how much work it is."

After graduating from Amador, Alexander went to San Diego State University. He moved back to the Bay Area shortly after and went to Chabot Community College to play football. That off-season, however, he was injured and had to bow out for the season. This gave Alexander an opportunity to re-focus on his music. He then decided to move back to Southern California and pursue his dream of becoming a star in music.

In addition to creating his own music, Alexander has also started his own production company, Sav'd Out Records.

"I definitely plan on being on MTV and being a national artist, and doing it a lot bigger than I am now," he said. "Right now I'm doing everything on my own, but I'm definitely ready to make some big things happen." - Pleasanton Weekly

"Review: Mike Alexander"

Mike Alexander has released an album titled "Famous." This unexpectedly strong release bumps the standard of professionalism of Bay Area hip-hop up a notch. I had expected the CD to be interesting, or at least humorous, but not much beyond that. What sparked my curiosity was Mike Alexander's confidence in his product when distributing it. He was on the street by the University of Cal Berkeley campus selling his CD, and I thought I would support him and give it a listen.

I was immediately surprised when I listened to the CD. The whole CD had ripping bass lines, crisp snares, and aptly used sound effects. The vocals sounded great in terms of quality, and the lyrical techniques are superb. Whoever engineered this CD knew exactly what they were doing. The beats allow you to ride the emotions that Alexander is going through. Mike's lyrical prowess is witty and easy to listen to. he definitely has things to say, and can easily produce punch-line style raps and in depth story lines.

The whole CD is entertaining from start to finish and my favorite songs are probably "Famous" and "The Real World." You definitely get a sense that this rapper is being himself and not trying to sound like anybody else. - The Daily Californian

"Putting P-Town on the Map for Rap"

Mike Alexander is a 25-year-old rhymer who will celebrate the release of album "Famous" at Club Aura in Pleasanton tonight.

The turnout is expected to be huge, since Alexander is from Pleasanton and he told us has a guest list exceeding 300 people. We met Mike not long ago when he brought his CD into our office requesting a review, and his catchy tunes caught me by surprise to be perfectly honest.

Mike Alexander has some very witty raps with a smooth delivery that is very pleasing to the ear. We went out and caught him performing at the Alameda County Fair a couple weeks ago, and his stage presence definitely matches the crazy one liners in his music.

The CD release party will be tonight at Club Aura located at 4825 Hopyard Rd. in Pleasanton. The show starts at 10 PM and the cover charge is $15. Ages 21 and up only. - Oakland Tribune


Famous (2006, Sav'd Out Records)
---CMJ College Radio #4 Most Added Hip-Hop
---Received airplay on over 70 college stations



It’s not often that a hip-hop artist as entertaining as Mike Alexander comes along. A past “Independent Hip-Hop Artist of the Year” at both the Hollywood Fame and Los Angeles Music Awards, Mike has an uncanny ability to mix humor, hardship, and story-telling in a way that keeps you on the edge of your seat in anticipation of what he will say next. “I just observe everything that’s going around me and soak it up like a sponge,” he explains. “When I make music I’m just releasing everything I’ve gathered in a way to keep the audience interested.” Born in Washington, D.C. and growing up in Northern California’s Bay Area, Mike has an array of musical influences, ranging from Too Short and Gang Starr to The Beatles and Metallica.

Mike Alexander began rapping at the age of 17. From the first rap he wrote, he got a lot of positive feedback from his peers, and knew he wanted to make a career out of being a hip-hop artist. “I just loved the attention I got from being an entertainer. In high school I always used to do impressions of my teachers and coaches, and everybody loved it. I was always a pretty good writer and I needed a positive way to express myself, so it worked out pretty well.” In high school he had been a standout athlete in football and track and field, and from the time he was a child he had aspirations of eventually becoming a professional football player. After graduating high school, Mike continued playing football in college until an injury sidelined him. He saw it as the perfect opportunity to stop playing football and focus on making a career out of his music.

Shortly after, Mike moved to Southern California to pursue his dream of being a musician. Participating in rap battles helped him get recognition in the hip-hop community. He won several competitions, most notably the inaugural Emcee Battle for Jammin’ Z90, the most listened to hip-hop station in San Diego. This got him attention from DJ Billy Blast, one of the most recognizable names at the station. Mike made a few intro songs for Billy that were played daily on Z90 and the other big hip-hop station in San Diego, 98.9 FM, for well over a year. Getting attention from rap battles also helped Mike win the award for “Independent Hip-Hop Artist of the Year” at the Los Angeles Music Awards in 2004. Since then, he was crowned “Male Rap Vocalist of the Year” in 2006, and in 2007 Mike also won the award for “Independent Hip-Hop Artist of the Year” at the Hollywood Fame Awards.

When asked to describe his lyrical style, Mike Alexander says that he raps about “anything that is original,” adding, “Hip-hop is so watered down right now and it all sounds the same. I just want to create my own lane and bring something new to the table.” Mike has a smooth flow with witty punch lines, and he tries to focus his lyrics more around humor and everyday life rather than trying to act tough or exaggerate his past. He makes songs about everything from his junky 1987 Toyota Corolla named Lola, to songs where he impersonates George Bush and Bin Laden. “I want to achieve a lot in music,” says Mike Alexander. “I feel like I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. People are gonna know who I am sooner than later…hopefully it’s for something positive.”