Mikeal Gabre aka Ras Jim Jam

Mikeal Gabre aka Ras Jim Jam

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I have a unique blend of R & B, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Reggae music. Accompanied by Rap/Poetry/Spoken Word. Songs of inspiration, sometimes funny, while others deal with social issues.


I have been writing lyrics, beginning as early as 13, years old
I gained the attention of my father James Mathenia, who
in turn referred me to his nephew Morris Broadnax an
established writer for Motown Studios. My cousin gave me
an instrumental sound track composed and arranged by
Stevie Wonder. Broadnax and I, set the lyrics to music.
The song was titled "You Know I'am Missin, Your Sweet,
Sweet, Kissin". Then it was off to Motown Studios where
Stevie Wonder sang the song I wrote. Eventhough my
song was never released that experience inspired me to
go on and do greater things. That experience not only
inspired me to continue writing songs but it inspired me
to later become a radio anouncer and a great D.J, with
the golden voice. I am noted here in Detroit as being
the first to play Reggae Music over the airwaves of
WDET 101.9 FM public radio. Naturally live performances of
Dee Jaying, & M.C. ing is what made me Know I can
rock a big crowd of people. My golden voice landed me
speaking lines on the world famous soap opera,
General Hospital. Presently I am working on a film
entitled "D.J. Heaven commerating D.J.'s past and
present here in Detroit. Therefore, with every film
there is a soundtrack, and "D.J. Heaven is my first
C.D, I have composed.



Set List

D.J. Heaven
Mi God Mi King
It's Too Cold
Knowledge is Power
Confessions of a Taxi Driver
The Salt Of The Earth
All I Wanna Do
My sets could last from a half hour to 45 min