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Mike and Ike

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That classic sound is coming out of Austin, Texas and it’s making noise in the hip hop scene with Mike & Ike’s debut album, “Introducing...”. The duo blends smart, yet accessible lyrics with the infectious sounds of jazz and soul music to create a style that pays tribute to the true elements of rap music and stays fresh and inventive, always looking toward the future.
Mic Flo (Michael Richardson) and Alpha 2020 (Jon Isaac Ramos) met at the University of Texas at Austin, where they were both undergraduates. They discovered a common passion for hip hop music while Ike’s budding beatmaking skills provided the backdrop for the two to hone their rhyme abilities. Over years of practice the duo improved steadily, both in the studio and on stage. Ike found his footing as a producer, developing a distinctive style that has formed the perfect canvas for their art. Since completing college, Ike has become an educator while Mike continues his studies at the School of Medicine in Galveston, Texas. They remain dedicated as ever to the craft of hip hop as this album clearly proves that they have the talent and the motivation to put out a great product.
In a musical landscape full of studio gangsters rapping about how hard they are and the money they may or may not actually have, Mike & Ike are a refreshing change of pace. Rather than fall into the all-too-common trap of preaching about what they are not, they choose to focus on what they are and the original styles they bring. They kick intelligent rhymes that a wide range of people can relate to their own daily struggles and triumphs. The music shows that the two are aware of and concerned about social problems, but avoid becoming overly self-righteous or cliché in their treatment of them. Mike & Ike carry serious messages, but never lose sight of the idea that hip hop should be at least as much about the good as the bad. The overall positive and fun vibe on the album confirms that Mike & Ike have what it takes to bring their classic sound to the masses


Introducing on Soul 2020