Mike and Pippa

Mike and Pippa


Featuring music from the very best of The Great American Songbook, exiciting fingerbusting instrumentals to romantic ballads, sensual latin favorites to classy, greasy blues and re-vamped classics from all periods of jazz history. Music that will excite, delight, amaze and amuse audiences.


Imagine musicians with over 30 years professional performing experience sharing the stage with jazz legends George Golla, Ed Gaston, Len Barnard & Kenny Powell at venues of all shapes and sizes from the Grand Ballroom of the Sydney Hilton to giant outdoor marques for exclusive corporate functions and selected private parties. Musicians with an impressive track record as session players working alongside Don Burrow's legendary sidemen Craig Scott, Allan Turnbul and John Harkins recording in some of the world's finest recording studios from Sony Music to Grevillea and everywhere in between. Musicians with music officially listed in the Grammy awards ballot "Best Instrumental" category, imagine musicians that will take the pressure of organizing YOUR live music event right off your hands and accept full responsibilty for it's success! Imagine no more ...they're here!

Jazz, blues, and bossa delivered with heart and soul. With Mike and Pippa, what you see is what you get! No sequencers, drum machines or tricks.

The music is both entertaining and educational - the educational quaility comes to the fore when we perform at instrumental workshops, improvisation clinics, music training colleges and for student unions at universities or colleges of advanced education.

The entertainment side of the music rears it's head when we perform at jazz clubs, concerts, socials, selected hotel rooms or even at private recitals for friends in your own home. By presenting early jazz masterpieces by Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong alongside the music of Herbie Hancock, Michael Franks, Louis Bonfa and Miles Davis we show this great music's timeless quality and encourage our audience to free their minds and fly!

Our visual presentation and our ability to communicate with audiences of all types and age groups is second to none. Our playing volume is adjusted to fit right in to any situation we happen to be working in ...never too loud but never too soft. For certain types of engagments the group can be augmented to any number from four to eighteen even higher if you can afford it!

For softer more intimate occasions the duo can become a trio of guitar, bass and drums or a combination of guitar, bass and flute ....guitar bass and piano etc.

As you can no doubt hear our music standards are highly professional and I think you will agree that our music covers a wider range of styles than those presented by many other groups in action today.

The duo is available for all events and functions, bringing live music to restaurants, private parties, weddings, receptions and any other event or venue that has a need for affordable, reliable, and professional musicians.

Are you interested? Well why not contact us first next time you need high quality, creative music for either educational or entertainment purposes.

Set List

Need to create a special atomsphere or theme for your function? We can tailor our set list to meet the particular needs of your restaurant or event ...your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Our typical set length is 40-45 minutes with a short break in between sets (We can provide recorded music to be played during the breaks as well). The duo can play from 1-4 hours of music depending on the need of the venue.

Sample set - A

- The Days Of Wine And Roses (Henry Mancini/Jonny Mercer)

- Secret Love (Jay Livingston/Ray Evans)

- Ain't Misbehavin' (Thomas Fats Waller/Andy Razaf)

- Wave (Antonio Carlos Jobim)

- It Had To Be You (Isham Jones)

- Oh, Lady Be Good (George/Ira Gershwin)

- A Smooth One (Benny Goodman)

- Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You (Don Redman/Andy Razaf)

- Rosetta (Earl Hines/Henry Woode)

Sample set - B

- On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Jimmy McHugh/Dorothy Fields)

- All Of Me (Gerald Marks/Seymour Simons)

-Struttin' With Some BBQ (L