Mike Appleton

Mike Appleton


Mike Appleton is a Toronto Blues/Rock/Pop composer, musician (singer and guitar player), and leader of 'The Steady Rollers' (band). Appleton's catchy melodies, sweet harmonies and Rock edginess always impress his listeners.


Appleton's compositions for The Steady Rollers are influeneced by his love for Rock/Blues/Roots music. Appleton has led the 'Rollers' to countless victories/success since they started four years ago. The 'Rollers' latest EP 'Party With The Rich' has gained a lot of praise from fans and music industry reps. across Toronto. Appleton has recently graduated from the Independent Music Production course @ Seneca College and plans to put his matured recording, songwriting and business skills to use in his growing music career.

The Cord Weekly - "Appleton's voice was equal parts Jim Morrison and Eric Clapton..."


Shot Down (EP) - The Steady Rollers
Breaking The Cage (EP) - The Steady Rollers
Party With The Rich (EP) - The Steady Rollers

Set List

Steady Rollers material (written by Mike Appleton):

Shot Down
Drunken Monkeys
Running For My Life
Loving Eyes
The Cage
Party With The Rich
Bye Bye baby
Taste The Rain
Hickory Road
300 Degrees

Mike Appleton songs not peformed with The Steady Rollers:

Bring Yourself (Appleton, Cruickshank)
Piano Man (Appleton, Almeida)
Love (Appleton, Bowers)
Breaking My Lonely Heart (Appleton)
Pin-up Girl (Appleton, Veiga)