Mike Beach

Mike Beach

 Hendersonville, Tennessee, USA

If you are looking for THE Artist to book ..... then look no more!!! Whether he is performing an Acoustic Original or a Full Band 120 clicks per minute Folsom Prison ... he has a way of capturing you no matter what he's doing on stage!!! DO NOT miss out of the NEXT BIG THING outta Nashville, TN!!!


Passion Drive Heart

3 words........5 years........3 guitars

To singer/song writer Mike Beach, all great things come in 3's.

5 short years ago, Mike decided to take things to the next level. Packing everything up, made the journey down I-65 from his hometown of Indianapolis, IN to Nashville, TN. Not sure what this step in life would bring, but knowing he had to follow his heart, left family , friends, and local supporters to build a career in music.

Immediately he was thrown into the music scene. From writer's rounds, to co-writing sessions, to playing downtown on Broadway, Mike realized that Nashville was exactly where he was supposed to be.

Having had the opportunity to write with some of Nashville's greatest songwriters, Mike was able to put his story into songs. it is through these songs that you learn who Mike is. From his "Long Way Home" and his "Need of a Sign" to his fun and playful side of "Shipwrecked" and "Darla," Mike captures your attention and tells his story, in a way and voice, all his own.

Currently on tour, from the Eastern 2/3's portion of the US, Mike Beach steps on stage every night with passion filled eyes and a thankful heart. With his warm personality, undeniable electric stage presence, and his ability to make a song his own through his amazing, natural voice, Mike is one singer you cannot miss.

The opportunities and experiences give to Mike through music have been unimaginable.

"To wake up every morning, knowing I have been blessed by God with the ability to follow my dreams is more than any man could ask for."

"To all of those who have been with me on this fierce and amazing journey, you hold a special place in my heart....stay with me, the past is nothing compared to what's coming in the future!" MB


Long Way Home
1 - Long Way Home
2 - Cry
3 - Darla

Set List

Country (Mainstream)
4 - 45 Min. Sets
A mix of traditional, sounthern rock, mainstream country, and originals