Mike Blackwell

Mike Blackwell

 Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA

Mike Blackwell is a folk songwriter fronting an alt. country/roots rock band. His writing is true Americana and in the style of Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan.


It's music of the past that so clearly defines Blackwell. Born in Oklahoma, he was introduced to the music of Woody Guthrie in his teen years. Through Guthrie, he then found Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, Phil Ochs, Leonard Cohen and a multitude of other songwriters. By the age of 18, Mike was serving on the board of directors for the Orphanage Society, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing national touring folk artists to the Northeast Oklahoma area.

As with many good young writers, Blackwell was dealing with self-destructive traits that kept forging new songs out but also inhibited him from creating any real structure to his life. He left Oklahoma for Austin and a shot at a music career in 1998. He never made it to Austin and went broke within a few months.

Desperate for money and work, Mike joined the Navy and was shipped off to boot camp and eventually Japan in 1999. Four years, three continents and 18 countries later Mike was released from the US Navy just after the beginning of the Iraq War.

Blackwell rededicated his life to writing after he returned to the states. he moved outside of Austin, TX and continued honing his skills. This rededication landed him a spot at the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival in 2003.

In the fall of 2004, Blackwell entered school at the University of Arkansas. He studied English with and emphasis on creative writing. During these years at the University, Mike met several people that would play instrumental parts in the creation of his debut album as well as his career.

In 2005, while Mike was working with an Arkansas based production company, he began recording pieces of what was to be his debut album. After several hundreds of dollars later and only pieces of tracks finished, Blackwell scrapped the project.

In early 2007, Blackwell asked friend and songwriter/producer Emily Kaitz to assist in the creation of a debut album. Mike recorded the foundation and Emily made it complete.



Written By: Mike Blackwell

I was half out of my head when I left Austin
Half into anything I could find
Holding on to pictures of memories like I lost them
But these thoughts of you don't ever escape my mind

And I can only remember
How we used to dance
In those beer-stained halls
And smoke cheap cigarettes
Down by where the sun sets
On the edge of this sleepy, weepy town
But now I won't be around
I won't make no sound
No cries, no cries, no tears
I just won't be here
I just won't be here
I've disappeared

A suitcase full of shirts and a pair of pants
Just an everyday victim of circumstance
I'm praying to the road just to keep me alive
Ripping out my heartstrings on I-35


Better Days

Written By: Mike Blackwell

We were miles away from nowhere
We were nowhere at all
With a lifetime worth of misery
And a weeks worth of alcohol
You'd dizzy up my faculties
Absent and unknown
And you'd carry out your laughing
Through the breezes sweetly blown

And we'd walk down to the waters edge
And we'd jump and slash and play
And we'd sing of Better Times
Better Dreams, Better Days

I'd roll one up and you'd roll one up
And we'd cloud the air so sweet
And I would laugh and you would laugh to everyone we meet
I would dance and you would dance
And we'd clap around the fire
I would sip and you would sip
From our cups filled with desire



Come Back to Me - April 2008

Soon to be Released:
From the Least Among Us - 2012

Set List

94% Originals and 6% Obscure Covers
3 Sets - 45 Minutes per Set

Covers are by:
Bob Dylan
Woody Guthrie
Townes Van Zandt
Barton and Sweeney