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Lil Mike & Funny Bone

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1997 | SELF

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 1997
Duo Hip Hop Hip Hop




" (May 01, 2006)"

“Two brothers from the Pawnee Tribe of Oklahoma have found a higher calling as a Christian hip-hip group” - Native Magazine Rep.

"Looked Over But Never Over Looked (Oct 03, 2009)"

“A motivating documentary of a very talented duo that will have you laughing and crying. The real story of two short Native American brothers that have a big goal, to reach the world with their talent.” - Chris Combs

"The Daily Oklahoman (Apr 29, 2006)"

“Faith takes Brothers from Gangsta to Gospel, Lil Mike and Funny Bone await their big break as an Indian, Christian, hip-hop act. (This was a front page article) - Ken Raymond

"OKC Bites TV (Dec 31, 2007)"

“Bobo’s Chicken Story played on COX CABLE ON-DEMAND. Bobo’s ambassadors if you will Lil Mike and Funny Bone, true OKC originals are such big Bobo’s fans, they did a song about the place.” - Dustin

"Native Peoples Magazine (Aug 01, 2008)"

“The Oklahoma-based native duo Lil Mike & Funny Bone are a well done unlikely melding of native hip hop & Christian Morals (page15)” - Daniel Gibson

"Metro Tech News (Oct 01, 2004)"

“The Shortest and Crunkest Rappers, size is not a factor we these 2 hit their mark. Both have worked hard in perfecting their talents. Look for Mike & Bone live in concert near you.” - Ann K. Voyles

"The Seminole Producer (Oct 17, 2006)"

"Season's Change Focus of Mikasuki Festival" Native people are unique, we should recognize the changing of the seasons & give people a chance to get together for a good time. Their will be a couple of young men who do Christian Rap Lil Mike & Funny Bone. They have preformed at churches, birthday parties, clubs & retirement homes. They've won talent shows & their music has been played on radio stations, very skilled rappers." - Karen Anson

"The Oklahoma Intercessor (Jul 01, 2001)"

The inner city of OKC launched a in school ministry called Campus Impact. Thanks to Josh Kouri, Lance Wolf & Brad Bandy, who headed up this Impact team of members like JayBee, Lil Mike, Funny Bone & more in seeing approximately 400 students in four major schools delivered from serious bondages "right in the public schools!" I would love to see Christian Clubs in schools pop up all over this state. - Monty Shields

"The Garvin County News Star (Mar 14, 2012)"

“Muriel getting mixed responses in Elmore City, Lauri Martin adds some finishing touches to a mural advertising the towns upcoming Footloose Festival and a guest appearance by Oklahoma City based, Christian rap group, Mike Bone.” - Lindsey Temple

"Oklahoma Today Magazine (Jul 04, 2012)"

"Red Elk and Mike Bone create their own unique sounds meshing hip hop and Native American themes." - Ryan LaCroix

" (May 22, 2012)"

“By the time Lil Mike & Funny Bone came up the sun was breaking through the clouds as they joked their song "Rain Dance" was going to bring back the rain. The crowd appeared extremely pleased with the line up...” - Brenda Golden

" (Mar 25, 2012)"

“Aeris Entertainment’s Vern Marks with world famous Christian rap duo, Lil Mike & Funny Bone as they make plays on Christian Top 40 internet radio studios in Oklahoma City.” - Vern Marks

" (Mar 02, 2010)"

“Hip-hop artists Lil Mike & Funny Bone have entertained audiences with their smooth rhymes and dance moves for more than 15 years. The rap-duo sees the performance aspect of their music as important as their songs, and shared their energy live in our studios. Visit our video library at for more performances by Lil Mike & Funny Bone” - Joe Cappa

"Oklahoma Boxing Examiner (Mar 04, 2012)"

“We heard some great rap music from Lil Mike & Funny Bone at Native Pride boxing match in Newkirk Oklahoma.” - Enos Standrigde

"Gazette Magazine (Feb 02, 2011)"

“We can't talk about fried food without mentioning, BoBo's chicken! Seriously this food truck After-Bar spot has its own theme song by rap duo Lil Mike & Funny Bone. How many places can say that. (Fry-Daddy)” - OK Gazette Staff

" Gallery (Apr 11, 2013)"

“Just because you're small doesn't mean you can't have a big impact, rappers LiL Mike & Funny Bone use the message in their music to inspire, raise hope, be different & dream big.” - Charles Kennedy

" (Jul 09, 2013)"

MIKE BONE MOST VIEW ACT ON AGTs YOUTUBE" As for last week's acts, many scenes from the episode were uploaded to YouTube, and the clips that were most popular with the public were revealed. Rapper duo Lil Mike and Funny Bone have racked up the most views, closing in on 500,000 views on youtube. The pair performed an original song called Do the Rain Dance. - ENSTAR Staff

" (Jul 03, 2013)"

America's Got Talent," fans were introduced to Lil Mike and Funny Bone. They go by the name Mike Bone. On July 2, they posted the video on their YouTube page right away. What did you think of these two rapping Indians from Okla.? They performed a song called "Rain Dance. They came out on the stage ready to show off a great performance. They are both 52 inches tall. One of them teased to just give him a chair and he will be just fine when finding a girl. They make a living doing their rapping. They had an original song called "Rain Dance" and Impressed the entire crowd with it. The judges gave them 4 yes's and sent them to the next round. - Mandy Robinson

"NEWSPAPER ROCK (Jul 03, 2013)"

"Native rappers in America's Got Talent" 'Lil Mike' & 'Funny Bone' are two short Natives who auditioned at San Antonio, Texas. They both wore red t-shirts that spelled out the rap song they were gonna perform “Do the Rain Dance.” They both have long black hair & a great sense of humor about themselves. Howard Stern asked them if they got any dates with girls. 'Lil Mike' said, “Just give me a chair. I'll be alright!” The audience laughed out loud. When they both began their rap song “Do the Rain Dance.” The teen kids in the audience got up & danced. 'Mike' & 'Bone' performed exactly in unison with their rap lyrics plus their dance moves. The judges were entertained & so was the AGT host Nick Cannon who danced backstage to the song. Judge Howie Mandel said that he couldn't get the rap song out of his head, “The Rain Dance.” 'Bone' said, “Wait til you go outside.” The audience roared with laughter. 'Mike' said, “I give it about 30 minutes.” (For it to rain) - Roscoe Pond

" (Jul 15, 2013)"

“Lil Mike and Funny Bone have recently appeared on America’s Got Talent. The brother rappers from Oklahoma City surprised the panel and earned a trip to Las Vegas. From the Pawnee and Choctaw tribes, the two have been rapping for several years.” - Paul G

" (Jul 17, 2013)"

“Lil Mike and Funny Bone, who are members of the Pawnee tribe, performed their original song “Rain Dance” in their initial audition in San Antonio, Texas, which aired July 2. All four judges praised their rapping and dancing, and they even had host Nick Cannon dancing along backstage. The performance has since garnered more than 1,490,000 YouTube views. “This is really weird. I was like not expecting to sit here and enjoy this,” said judge Howard Stern. You did a really credible job. I though you were really good.” I thought it was great. I loved the song –it’s in my head,” said Howie Mandel, who goggled when the brothers playfully told him he’d be even more impressed with their “Rain Dance” after he went outside in about 30 minutes. Mel B said “I loved it, but I hated it. Your dance was spot on" with no reason for Heidi Klum to answer, the two brothers were sent to Vegas.” - Brandy McDonnell

" / TV (Jul 24, 2013)"

“America’s Got Talent is a hit again this Summer and recently, two rappers from Oklahoma City, Lil Mike and Funny Bone, made quite an impression on viewers. Unfortunately, last week, the judges booted them off the show. On stage, standing just over four feet tall, there was no way judges were going to overlook the rapping brothers. “We rocked it and the crowd, they loved it,” Funny Bone said. “I mean, we got a big response from them and the judges, they were shocked.” A response Lil Mike and Funny Bone have been waiting to hear. (Full Story on Link)” - Courtney Francisco

"Girl After God Blog (Sep 08, 2013)"

“Christian rap isn't a new genre, but it is one that is definitely on the rise. It's not unusual to see fans tweeting the lyrics to their favorite Lecrae songs, or showing their friends the newest video from Andy Mineo. With inspirational hip-hop becoming so popular, I figured I'd put a little twist on this month's artist interview. Meet Lil' Mike and Funny Bone. If you're from Oklahoma City, you might recognize them from their many performances around the area. Or you may recognize them from a little show called (drumroll please) "America's Got Talent!" You heard right. This awesome rap duo brought glory to the King of Kings this past season with their song "Do the Rain Dance." And might I add America was more than pleased with their hard hitting lyrics and a beat you can't help but move to. (Cue the lady in the audience getting out of her seat to dance...) ((full blog on web link))” - Karli Evelyn

"Rez2Ghetto BlogTalkRadio (Dec 08, 2013)"

They are known to their fans as "Mike Bone"-This energetic, and exciting duo-just happen to be brothers-who work perfectly together! "Lil Mike & FunnyBone", steal the show wherever they go - whether they're performing or not! These Rapping Artist give "All The Props to God Almighty"! Which makes them, the more Inspiring! - DJ Lewy T

" (Mar 23, 2014)"

“No doubt, the hottest name in Native music right now, Mike Bone is our featured Artists this week. They've been on several TV shows, radio shows and probably at an event close to you. These guys get booked everywhere!” - @NativeMusic49


Beat Of The Drum (2019) available on iTunes, cdbaby & amazon

Rain Dance the Album (2014) available on iTunes, cdbaby & amazon

CRUNK NATIVEZ (2011 Album) available on iTunes, cdbaby & amazon

Do Dat (2010 Album) 

Versitile (2009 Album)

Greatest Hits (2008 Album)

Doin Big Thangz (2007 Album) available on iTunes, cdbaby & amazon

Durty South Native Style (2005 Album) available on iTunes, cdbaby & amazon

Makin It Hot (2002 Album)

Gangsta Angelz (2001 Album)

Oklahoma Boyz (2001 Album)

We Getz It Crunk (2000 Album)

Flesh to the Bone (2000 Album)

Str8 Outta OKC (1999 Album)

and currently working on another project



Lil Mike and Funny Bone are Oklahoma City's hottest Native American hip-hop duo.
Seen by world viewers on NBC's America's Got Talent, performing their hit song "Rain Dance" but these  two are anything but a novelty act.
The brothers, respectively - have spent years making the rounds of clubs, churches, arenas, birthday parties and retirement homes while developing their skills as motivational speakers, beat-makers, graphic artists and rappers. 
They have even managed to find radio play, television interviews & magazine exposure,  all independently. 
Mike and Bone have won talent contests, opened for big-name acts such as Billy Rey Cyrus, Wine-O, Bobby Valentino, Lil Troy, T-Bone, Jacob Latimore, Family Force 5 & more. Plus played gigs in penitentiaries and been mobbed by screaming fans.
Getting to that point hasn't been easy. From homelessness to gang violence to "size-ist" discrimination, the brothers have hustled and flowed their way from nothing to something - even if they still have a long way to go.
The brothers are members of the Pawnee tribe, their faith in God gives them both the courage to stand tall in the spotlight - despite being only about 4 feet 9 inches tall.
"Call us short," Funny Bone said. "We're not legally midgets or dwarves. We're short."
For Lil Mike and Funny Bone, the music business is pretty much their only job - their only source of income. So staying booked is how we pay the bills.
When they can they spend weekends at the flea market, selling their own recordings and those of other local hip-hop artists at a booth called "405 Music." They're willing to preform just about anywhere. "It's not hard to book us"

FOR BOOKING Congo Entertainment 405/923/8640 or