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Mike Borgia

Denver, Colorado, United States | INDIE

Denver, Colorado, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Blues


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"Mike Borgia & The Problems-live at The Lion's Lair."

..With the vast level of talent available to us in Denver, there are few bands who stand out among the pack. You have to bring something truly special to the live stage, and The Problems have done just that. - HeyReverb.com

"Review in TrashCan Magazine NYC"

Mike Borgia’s latest album, Philistines & Alcoholics, harnesses the raw charm of old-school Alkaline Trio and the pop sensibility of The Cure. - trashcan Magazine

"NYrock review of "blood and Moonlight""

Mike Borgia, Blood and Moonlight (© 2003 Mike Borgia)
On the opening track, "Where You Are," the anguish and turns of Borgia's voice bring to mind Janis Joplin – throaty, gin-drenched, and filled with pain. Yet the following number, "You Were Something," is not a dirge, but an up-tempo pop number. You can still feel the pain and emotion in his voice in this song though, and in all songs for that matter. To keep things interesting, the numbers vary stylistically so that you get the sense Borgia is more of a songwriter than a guy with a hit or two and a bunch of filler. And I am a bit miffed at not getting the whole CD, and forced to make a judgment call off clips, in that getting a sense of dynamics and song architecture is near impossible. Miffed as well because this sounds like a disc worth having in one's collection. Borgia's first effort is mostly acoustic (though the breakout rock-and-roll numbers are good as well). Just his pipes and guitar, and as a troubadour he does a splendid job; there are gobs of emotion spilling out, crafty songwriting, and off I go to buy a copy. Check him out at www.mikeborgia.com
- Bill Ribas

"review from Steve Augello A&r RCA/Jrecords"

Every time I listen to your songs it reminds me that you hold the heavyweight title of kick-ass singer/songwriter! you f-in rock it man!

*** Steve Augello -RCA/J Records - Steve A

"listener review"

Hell Yeah
I love the energy in the vocals and the beat right off the start. This song makes me want to move. The hooks are catchy and timely and not overdone like so many hooks are these days (see No Doubt).

I really think this band is awesome and honestly a little surprised they aren't signed

Great Work.
Reviewed by: bigwhiskey from Cincinnati, Ohio - Big Whiskey

"2006 Issues To Egos review"

Issues To Egos CD, Reviewed by: Josh Barr -Mammoth Press.

With a silky smooth voice, impressive range, and a firm grasp on truly witty songwriting to boot (something that’s seemingly lost on many DIY singer/songwriters), Mike Borgia puts forth a nice little disc in Issues to Egos that’s chock full of memorable hooks and simple-but-soothing guitar work. This, Borgia’s third full-length and fourth overall release, showcases his knack for solid songwriting, as evidenced in the tight song structures and thoughtful lyricism that guides every track.
- Josh Barr

"Light bulb"

"An amicable and widely loved sound that can encompass almost anything that falls under the heading of good rock music." - Greg Harper - Rawrip.com

"Philistines & Alcoholics"

highly evolved and a whole lot of rock for an acoustic solo artist. - Rocksound UK

"Travel Rouser"

The Hard Core Troubadours Tour, a showcase of independent singer/songwriters in the rock, punk and soul vein, rolls into the Half Penny Pub, 321 W. Fayette St., on Friday, Aug. 6. Singer/guitarist Mike Borgia, formerly of local acts Electric Chick Magnets and Samsara, will be there, along with Ben Ratliff. "We play great together," says Borgia, who now lives in New York City. "Our styles meld perfectly and we put together really great shows."

For Borgia, the tour is just the icing on his highly productive year, which has also seen two new albums. Blood and Moonlight (Luvbomb), from 2003, is comprised of Borgia's solo efforts and has five tracks featuring his band Tread. Themes of struggle, bad habits and mortality prevail, sometimes with cynical wit: "I don't think I can make it to watch you die, but if you're in a hurry, I'll see you in the next life," he sings in the album closer, "See You in the Next Life."

"Blood and Moonlight has themes of coming out of the ashes," Borgia says. "The title comes from the fact that when moonlight shines down on a puddle of blood, it appears black. I talk a lot about the dark parts of life, but this isn't a negative album. It's about how we move out of the dark parts of our lives." The disc invokes moods and its vocal style from his two biggest influences, Chris Cornell and Jeff Buckley. Meanwhile, You Are What You Hate, set for fall 2004 release, "is a continuation of the first album," Borgia said. "It's about understanding who you are as a person, and how we can learn a lot about ourselves from our criticisms of others."

The show not only aims to be a crowd-pleaser and a night of emotional music, but also a means for local musicians to submit material for consideration for of future tours. "We'll be taking artists' works and passing them along to our record label," Borgia says. Admission is free for this 18-and-older show, which begins at 10 p.m. Local act Bitch Cassidy opens; call 478-3091 for more information.

--John Otis
- Syracuse Newtimes

"CD review of "you are what you hate" CD"

"You Are What You Hate," the sophomore release from New York City's Mike Borgia, is a great 9 song CD that goes from one end of the spectrum to the other. The singer/songwriter follows up 2003's "Blood & Moonlight" with a CD that will hit you hard with emotional lyrics & great music.

The album opens up with a lyrically strong song called, "All You Do (Drink Your Life Away)" ... a song that expresses his distaste for somebody who parties too much, & telling them how much a turn-off it is. From there, the CD shifts to a song called, "Wake Up" ... about a life-changing day. The lyrics are "I used to wake up in the rain, until today" ... very simple, but a great point made by Borgia. Track 3 shows off more of Borgia's great songwriting with a song called, "Can't Give." "I can't give you everything, I won't bring you anything, it's not a holiday for the rest of your life." My perception of this is that in a relationship, it takes both sides to make an effort, good things just don't happen in a relationship, you have to make it work. The rest of the album showcases what many, especially in the Greater New York City area, already know ... Mike Borgia is definitely one of the better singer/songwriters in today's growing scene. Personally, my favorite track is "Get Out" ... it is full of not only great songwriting & vocals, but great music as well. The backing musicians on the album are some of the best that I've heard on recent albums.

"You Are What You Hate" is available at many different places, including AwareStore. You can check Mike Borgia's website for information, including tour dates, bio, & more.

:: Kenneth Monez ::

- #1 singer songwriter site

"Starpolish review"

Welcome to the Critics' Corner

Gail Worley

Mike Borgia
It’s always been my contention that a singer/songwriter should be able to actually sing. You don’t have to have a conventionally “pretty” voice (hell, look at Joe Cocker), but at least have a palatable, distinctive style. Surprisingly, New York singer/songwriter Mike Borgia’s claim to delivering “vocals reminiscent of Chris Cornell” is fairly accurate, though his delivery is closer to Cornell’s acoustic work on his solo debut, Euphoria Morning than the Herculean lungpower that defined Soundgarden’s entire body of work. At least he’s in the ballpark. Borgia only has one track posted on Starpolish, the poppy, alt-country-ish “Find My Way.” It sounds Like The Goo Goo Dolls covering/reinterpreting a Black Crowes song. I like it.
- Gail Worley

"College radio news"

College radio news Nov 2004 : "You are what you hate" CD reached-

Reached #4 on the Top 30 college radio charts. week of 10/12/04 CMJ report M3 radio. New York

#20 in Columbus, OH Nov.3rd WOBN #28 in Greenville, NC nov3rd WZMB

Songs from the acclaimed CD "Blood and Moonlight" are now on 2 compilations!!

Single "Right away" is on Awarestore Earsnacks Vol.5 Compilation( also including Loveless, Carbon Leaf.)

"Find My way" added to a Long Island Compilation, called "All the cool kids are doing it" get it @ Interpunk.com. all CD images coming soon! - Riftrock.com

"Seal of Approval"

His music really did warrant a close listen, and he had elements of an edgier Dallas Green, and his vocals, arrangements, guitar and honesty reminded me of Paul Kelly, a favorite of mine. - wherewouldneilgo nyc blog


10. Goodbye Newyork E.P 2012
9. Live or Die, You Won't Be Lonely - E.P coming 2010
8. Nerves (deluxe single) 2010
7. Philistines & Alcoholics April 15th 2008
6. Tread "the lost studio tracks Vol 1 Feb-2007
5.iSSUES TO eGOS- Sept 23rd 2006
4.Lost without You - July 15th 2006 ( limited release)
3.The Gift & the sickness -Aug 15th 2005 E.P
2. You are what you hate - August 2004
1. Blood and Moonlight - July 2003



An italian american singer songwriter, with over a decade as an active professional. Born in New York, Mike spent his childhood playing in clubs as a guitarist and backup singer in a progressive metal band from age 13-16. He then slowly evolved into different genres of rock, indie and punk, and from the mid 90's to early 2000, He formed a band called Tread ( formerly, Samsara, Venear) With growing ambition, Tread were on their way to commercial success, until they called it quits in 2001.

From 2001 until 2010, Mike toured solo in the UK, releasing 9 solo records. His UK tours earned him a loyal fanbase, that allowed for a steady career within that time.

Then in 2011, Mike Borgia & The Problems were formed in New York as a trio, with Nathan MacCormack on Cello & Brian Bauer on drums. They released one well received E.P called "Live or die, you won't be lonely" and shortly after, Mike left New York, to live in Kansas City, in which to form the new lineup and astounding new record called "Goodbye New York" 2012.