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Piece Of The Pie

Written By: Mike Burdick

Piece of The Pie©
Lyrics by Mike Burdick

Preacher man on the TV show wants to save some souls you know
He said send me a dollar or two, and I can make it work
Stockbroker wants to make us all rich
Banker just wants to pull us out of a pinch
And Dr. Phil is helping everybody feel just fine

Which road should we choose – pick the wrong one and we could lose
They say come on man get on the right track
But it don’t matter much to me
You can have your codes and TV screens
I’m just looking for a piece of some pie

Cause come Friday night I’m headed out
It won’t take much figuring to figure this one out
Going where the milk and honey flows
There’ll be a big ole pot of collard greens
I’ll have me a scoop of them black-eyed peas
Lookie yonder at the end of the picnic table – what in the world is that!!
In this Land of Opportunity
Must be my destiny
Pass me a piece of that pie

So if you’re weary from all the tips
Come on let’s take a little trip
And get us a piece of the pie

There’ll be rhubarb, pecan and country girls
You won’t find that in the business world
Turn yourself a loose and let it ride
Honeysuckle vines and blackberry fields
We gonna get back to what’s really real
And get us a piece of some pie.

I hear tell from mathematicians, real smart folks and politicians
There’s plenty of pie for everyone – it goes indefinitely
Just because there’s plenty to go around
Don’t mean you’ll find me slowing down
I’m going for a piece of some pie

Cause come Friday night I’m headed out…

I'll Be Here

Written By: Mike Burdick

I’ll Be Here© - May, 2006
Lyrics by Mike Burdick

When the lights go out on the world you see
When you wake up to things that aren’t as they seem
I’ll be here. Yes, I’ll be here

When the day moves on and work is tough
And just about when you think you had enough
I’ll be here.Yes, I’ll be here

When those kitty cats get too tired to stay
And finally leave this world for a better place
I’ll be here. Yes, I’ll be here

When everything you thought is right turns wrong
And all the heartaches and sadness keep you from being strong
Life’s rough and tumbles put you on the ground
When it all appears to fall apart at the seams
Your heart is broken from everything
I’ll be here when the last tear drops

When that baby boy you had turns into a man
And he leaves the house for a wedding band
I’ll be here.Yes, I’ll be here

When your baby girl sets out to start her own life
And makes you so proud you’ll want to cry
I’ll be here. Yes, I’ll be here

When you hold your first grandbaby child
And your joyful tears are part of your smile
I’ll be here.Yes, I’ll be here

When everything that seemed wrong suddenly is right
And all the heartaches and sadness have turned to sunshine
Life’s goodness and grace put you on the clouds
When it all seems to good to be true
The joyful tears took the place of the blues
I’ll be here when the last tear drops

When your golden hair turns to gray
When you’re wondering if you have another day
I’ll be here. Yes, I’ll be here

But if I leave this world before you do
I’ll still be here in that heart of yours
I’ll be here when the last tear drops

Ill be here you can count on me
Through all life’s heartaches and tragedies
And when we see the good times outweigh the bad
Through all the things that made us strong or weak
One or another it don’t matter to me
I’ll be here when the last teardrops

Gimmie The Crumbs

Written By: Mike Burdick

Gimme The Crumbs©
Lyrics by Mike Burdick

Ole Blue sitting by the dinner table
Can’t move real fast – he’s hardly able
Old father time bout wore him out
But he’s doing allright
He looked up at me with that grey chinned smile
And I could hear what was coming through them big black eyes
They said, “Gimmie them crumbs” – Just gimme them crumbs.
Sweep up all them crumbs pile em up in a heap
That’ll be a whole meal for my family and me
I’ll take em right now or save em for a rainy day
Me and you have worked hard together
Through thickets and mud and stormy weather
Just gimme them crumbs.

Ole Brother Matt was telling me a story
Bout a desperate woman – her daughter was troubled
If she could get that girl a fix
She would be allright
That mom had the faith of ten thousand men
You could feel the passion as she walked up to the man
She said “gimme them crumbs” – Just gimmie them crumbs
Lord pass along a little of them crumbs to me
Even an old dog deserves some crumbs to eat
It won’t take much at all to put the blessing on my soul
Can’t you see me here standing on my knees
Bring em on down here – if you please
Just gimmie them crumbs

A winehead bum and a street wise junkie
Searching the streets for the Salvation Army
Both of em starving for love
They might be allright
They looked at the master with dark sunken eyes
Begging for the clock to chime it’s last chime
The master said gimmie them crumbs – just gimmie them crumbs
Give me all the crumbs put them at my feet
I’ll polish them all for the world to see
These jagged ones here make the very best rocks
You might toss them from your jewelry parade
But there’s a shine beneath their covering
Just gimmie them crumbs

It’s my soul responsibility
To provide treasures for the family
They ain’t fit for a king but good for the heart
Put em all in heap and save em for me
You’ll get your reward come judgement day
Just gimmie them crumbs