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Mike Burns (Solo Album) "Where The Heart Is" - 2006

Mike Burns
(featuring Joel Lamb)
"The Dreamworld EP" - 2008

New Jerusalem (Single)
"Love Overruled" - 2009

Mike Burns' "Postcard" and "Am I On" have had airplay on various college radio stations including WAWL in Chattanooga, TN as well as New Jerusalem's "Love Overruled"



Mike Burns has such an inescapable passion and talent for music. He has perfected his craft of songwriting so that he pulls in all who stumble upon his music. He shows them his story: a story of struggle, of endurance, of dedication, of a constant rollercoaster of changes for better or worse...but most of all, a story of love. With a voice that could quiet the rowdiest of crowds and lyrics that will stay with you long after the final chord has been played, Mike Burns enables a broad interpretation that will leave you hanging on every beautifully crafted word.

Mike was born in Lakeland, FL, but his parents' involvement in the military caused him to be raised in 9 different states. It's no wonder why his music is now so easily relatable to all who venture to listen. It wasn't until he graduated High School in 2002 that Mike really found his way with music, and in 2004 he moved to L.A. where he was an active singer/songwriter in the music scene there. Constantly learning from such a hustle and bustle world, he relentlessly endured the process that every musician is bound to encounter while following their dreams. Mike's first full band, full length record, "Where the Heart Is" (Produced by JP Hesser at Castaway 7 Studios in Ventura, CA), was released in 2006, but it didn't take him long to realize that being the front man of a rock band was not the avenue he wanted to take to pursue his intense passion for music. Instead, he took "Where the Heart Is" on a 16 city acoustic tour across the country. In December of 2007, Mike met Joel Lamb at a show where they had both performed. Joel joined the band in early 2008, and by April they had already made "The Dreamworld EP" including 5 songs with a softer sound than those from "Where the Heart Is". Even with only 5 songs, "The Dreamworld EP" contains everything from the soft catchy hums of "Postcard" to the harmonica infused, laid-back folksy sound of "Am I On?". After the release, the band (Also featuring: Matt Thrift, JP Hesser and Jimbo Russell) went out on a small tour through the Midwest. However, when they returned home, the band decided to split up because of conflicting schedules and interests. Even without a full band, Mike and Joel never gave up writing and experimenting to find inspiration for a new record.

Joel Lamb shares Mike's intense passion for music, and has the same drive to keep that passion alive. He was born in Seattle, WA, but was raised in a rural town just north of the city. His parents had always sung at church, so he grew up around music. They encouraged Joel to learn the guitar and piano at an early age, and by the time he was 13, he was already writing his own songs. All throughout High School Joel sang and played with different bands. He constantly dropped out of college to promote his various musical projects. In 2001, when he was only 21 years old, Joel packed all of his possessions into his teeny car and made the drive to California. For the next 6 years, Joel played with a dozen different jazz, punk, and indie bands until he met Mike in late 2007. Almost instantly, they knew the creative potential and influence they could bring to the world if they were to join together. So, in early 2008, Joel dropped his other musical projects and joined Mike full time. In addition to guitar and piano, Joel also plays the accordion, hammond organ, harmonica, and does digital programming for recordings.

Mike and Joel are currently living in Austin, TX--a change of pace, and a new place to share their artistic gifts. Whatever the city, a cloud of support and love from their friends, families, and fans follow Mike and Joel everywhere they go . They have recorded a full length album that's due to release summer of 2010 and have slowly built up a new band to go along with their new vision where music is the outlet they need to share love and equality with the world. They are a rare breed of man who knows exactly what they want and will stop at nothing to get it. They refuse to let anyone bring them down. They stick with their beliefs and passions and goals even if the world doesn't quite seem to be ready for them. Wherever they go, Mike Burns and Joel Lamb have a way of winning over the crowd... What you see is what you get, and what you see is a force to be reckoned with--a plethora of beautifully placed chords and an unforgettable, unwavering voice.