Mike Celia

Mike Celia


Acoustic folk with elements of jazz, funk, R & B and soul. Easy listening and emotive as well as upbeat and funky with 2 and three part harmonies.


It was the fall of 2004 when Mike Celia found himself on stage performing for the very first time. He had written a few songs which had attracted the ear of his brother David who had already begun to receive acclaim as a force in the international independent music scene. Mike, who had never considered pursuing music as a lifestyle, took a chance and opened for his bro at the prestigious Hugh�s Room in Toronto. It was that performance that lit a new path before him and it wasn�t long after that, he quit his desk job and began a new journey in music.

Over the years that would follow, Mike continued to captivate audiences from all walks of life with his blend of acoustic guitar, sand-paper vocals and personal lyrics that speak of love, life and the struggles in between. Although a late bloomer, Mike had always been writing and expressing himself through song since his early teens. Growing up as the youngest of four siblings, there was no shortage of music and influence in the house. And although the mix was quite eclectic, Mike managed to find his musical fingerprint and began to grow and write with it.

The completion of his first EP titled, �Things I�ve Sold� marked a major stepping stone in becoming recognized as a serious independent recording artist. Recorded mostly in his basement with a laptop computer and the help of his friend Nick Londono, Mike completed his first journey into production. The tracks were later mixed by local producer and Juno nominee, John Switzer, who was a great addition in molding the sound that has only just begun to capture people�s ears. The CD was released in the spring of 2007.

Around the time he was recording, independent filmmakers and fans of Mike�s music, The Campagna Brothers, asked Mike if he would be interested in composing some music for their newest film, �Six Reasons Why� (www.sixreasonswhy.com). After much time and hard work, the film got the attention it demanded and was quickly purchased by THINK Films. It is now available on DVD across North America.

On August 17 of 2007, Mike embarked on his first national grassroots tour with bands The Last True Gentlemen and Fourlines. Together, the three acts performed thirteen shows in twenty-one days across five provinces including a live to air performance on CHLY 101.7 in Nanaimo, BC. The experience was surreal and left them all with a new lasting impression.

With word spreading fast about his music back in his own community, Mike found himself as a live featured guest performer numerous times on Roger�s Daytime Television, MeTV and was the feature of an artist spotlight on First Local News.

Most recently, Mike was asked to fill the role of Concert Series Director for the Mississauga Independent Film Festival which ran from July 10th to the 13th of 2008 in downtown Mississauga. The concert series featured live showcases at each after party during the festival as well as an outdoor, band shell performance in front of Mississauga�s City Hall.

This year, Mike was nominated and won the award for Best Blues at the 2008 Toronto Independent Music Awards and has also been nominated by the Mississauga Arts Council for an Emerging Performing Arts award. The ceremony will be held at Stage West Hotel on August 20th.

Over the years Mike has also continued to do his best in giving back to the community by getting involved and/or organizing charity concerts for organizations like The Make A Wish Foundation and Sick Kids Hospital. He is a firm believer that music brings people together amidst all their diversity, inspires them to become better people and make the changes necessary to make the world a better place. Currently, he is working on a new community project in the Parkdale area of Toronto, volunteer teaching music to children ages 7-13 who could not otherwise afford music lessons. The project entitled Outside The Box is a not-for-profit collaborative effort driven by local musicians to help reach out to the troubled community and inspire youth to choose a better path.



Written By: Mike Celia

And if the storm clouds should appear
If their jealous winds should try to take you
I will shelter you
And if the walls come tumbling in
All your world comes crashing down on you
I will shelter you

If you need me to
I will shelter you

And if your ease of mind should fade
All your fears come rushing into your head
I will comfort you
And if the sadness takes your soul
Leaves a chill that you can feel in your bones
I will comfort you

If you need me to
I will comfort you

And if you should find yourself lying alone
Lost in the world and you can't seem to find your way home
I will come to you
And if you cannot wait for me
And if you cannot say that your heart is free
I will leave you be

If that's all you want from me
I will leave you be
If that's all you need from me
I will set you free

Climbing a Hill

Written By: Mike Celia

Well I lost my job and I bought myself some time
Went to see my baby 'cause she's always on my mind
I put my heart in a package and I let her in past my guard
But she sold it back to me for a five dollar calling card

Well life has a funny way of saying..

And I'm climbing a hill
Every time I'm running I'm running on a treadmill
And what can I say?
'Cause talking is cheap and the words never seem to make the grade

Now my money's all gone and I'm starting to feel the weight
Trying to stay afloat is all I can do these days
And everybody's happy when I'm singing my songs on stage
But it's hard to make a living when you're working for no pay

Well life has a funny way of saying
Boy you've gotta make it on your own

And I'm climbing a hill
Every time I'm running I'm running on a treadmill
And what can I say?
'Cause talking is cheap and the words never seem to make the grade

I live my life just the way I please
Ain't nobody in the world that can take it from me
I got my shoes strapped on and my hair pulled back
One track, no slack, get that ball back

I've been hanging 'round for way too long
And I finally found out where I went wrong
I've spent too much time inside rewind
Look back, fall back, miss what's right in front of me
I've been waiting 'round for way to long and it's plain to see
Live for the moment and set me free

And I'm climbing a hill
Every time I'm running I'm running on a treadmill
And what can I say?
'Cause talking is cheap and nobody seems to listen anyways


EP now available at www.mikecelia.com and CD Baby

Set List

Originals: Lost, Baby's Gone, Cold Wind, Easy, Outside, I Am Here, Barcelona, Dry Out, Shelter, Too Early, Sometimes, I Do, Way Down, Climbing A Hill, Come Home

Covers: U2, Beatles, Radiohead, Jack Johnson, Johnny Cash, Blind Melon, Stevie Wonder

Set ranges from 35 minutes to an hour.