Mike Check

Mike Check

 Newark, New Jersey, USA
BandHip Hop

The epitome of the Urban society.


Mike Check (born in Newark, New Jersey on December 1, 1987) is a hip hop artist with a dream that he promises to make come true. Even though there were a lot of forks in the road growing up, he turned to music to help him overcome every obstacle he's had to face. Dealing with everyday life he's learned that most of the time when you want something you have to take it. So with that mind state he's taken every opportunity he's gotten to get himself recognized such as getting his songs played at local and outer state clubs, setting up performances, and getting recognized on the mixtape front. He’s also gotten himself internet radio airplay and gained over hundreds of fans in a matter of two months. Mike vows to make his mark in the Hip Hop industry one way or another and once he gets the chance he gaurantees to make it extremely memorable.


That Good Life
No I.D.

Line Of Scrimmage