Mike Chiarot

Mike Chiarot


Contest Alert*** To all critics and promoters. You decide on what Mike Chiarot is? A rocker? Counrty? Blues?Alt. Flamenco artist? Win an Autographed C/D "The Key to Life is Love" Guaranteed to make you eternally Happy!!!


My new record "The Key To Life Is Love" Showcaseing my main focus as a songwriter. This new work features many different genre's showing my eclectic versatility.Inspired and influenced by anyone that chases thier dreams. Ready and more than happy to play at any festival or club. Also, I have played at many charity functions or awareness campaigns and always willing for a just cause. Cheers!


"The Key To Life Is Love". 10 tunes "new 2007"
Produced by Georgie Fab.
Mixed by L. Stu Young.
Mastered by Nick Blagona.

"Easy With Those Cuffs". 6 tunes 2005
Produced by Georgie Fab.
Mixed by L. Stu Young.
Mastered By Nick Blagona.

"Dark Deep Blue Sea". 14 tunes 2003
Produced by Todd Pyper and The Superchargers
Mixed and mastered by Todd Pyper.

"Stay Strong". 10 tunes 2002
Produced by Justin Koop
Mixed and Mastered by Justin Koop.

Set List

Set List:Original music: consisting of 70 songs.
A mix of screaming guitar rock to rock ballods and blues with a twist of jazz and country.I also play solo or duet acoustic with vocals. We have a very entertaining live show and usually the night ends in a bath of shooters and beer.