Mike  Clifford

Mike Clifford


Clifford's music is an eclectic blend of old-school soul/R&B, traditional folk, and modern pop. Sam Cooke vs. Paul Simon in an arm wrestling match.


Clifford draws inspiration from artists across the musical spectrum, including Van Morrison, Sam Cooke, Jeff Buckley, and Paul Simon. His eclectic style, vocal prowess, and refined song writing skills have earned him a steadily growing audience, both nationally and abroad.
Backed by some of NYC’s finest musicians and recorded at the world renowned Magic Shop, Clifford’s debut LP puts a modern spin on American roots music. The record features performances by Tim Luntzel (Norah Jones, Bright Eyes), Tony Mason (Joan Osbourne, Martha Wainwright, Bo Diddley) and John Dryden (The Little Willies).
Clifford has played some of New York City’s most famous venues (The Bitter End, The Living Room, Tonic, South Paw…) and performed with a number of world renowned artists, including Gavin DeGraw, The 10,000 Maniacs, and Richie Havens.
Clifford toured the north eastern United States in July, playing for audiences from Maine to Pennsylvania. He recently toured Australia, performing before enthusiastic crowds and on a national radio broadcast (ABC radio). He will be returning for a follow up tour of the continent in August.


Self titled debut album (Mike Clifford)

Radio Play:
"Separate my Skin" and "Sing it Low" on Harris Radio
"Make it Feel Good" WPMG 90.1 (Portland, Maine)
"Rational World" Moozikoo Radio (Nashville)
"Make it Feel Good" Radio Sfera (Poland)
Live performance on ABC Radio (NSW Australia)

Set List

The set list depends on the gig. When performing original music, either solo with an acoustic guitar, as a duo (two acoustic guitars) or as a full band, I have about 30 original songs to draw from.
I also do work performing cover music. Again, the set list depends on the format (either solo, duo, or full band). Many of the cover gigs I have performed call for 3-4hrs of music. I have a large repertoire of cover music to draw from, spanning from the 50's to current hits.