Mike Coston

Mike Coston


Mike Coston is a solo artist who played with various bar bands in his younger days. He laid down the guitar for a while but has since begun a love affair with recording. Hopefully, you will enjoy the heartfelt work he's done on his first CD "These Blues Are For You".


Growing up in Texas in the 60'sgave Mike Coston the opportunity to witness a ton a great blues music. Artists like Freddy King, Lightnin' Hopkins, and Johnny Winter shared their magic in small time bars and clubs. Then, years later touring acts like Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimmy Vaughn, Anson Funderburg and Billy Gibbons took it to a whole new level. All this great music made a profound impact on Coston. So it wasn't long before he picked up the guitar himself and starting playing in local blues bands.


She Got My Money Too

Written By: Mike Coston

I once had a nice young thing
She loved me right and said she’d wear my ring
But she wanted my money
Yeah, she wanted my money
Well, listen up and let me say one thing to you
She got my heart and my money too

I once had a really classy car
A black Cadillac with an inside bar
It had chrome wheels and white wall tires
The girls looked up as I drove by
Well, listen up and let me say one thing to you
She got my Cadillac and my money too

You know I bought her a ring of diamonds and gold
It wasn’t two days before that ring was sold
You can find it at the local pawnshop
All I can say is well thanks a lot
Well, listen up and let me say one thing to you
She got that ring and my money too

I took that girl to the best spots in town
Yeah, I took that girl all around
Bought her crepe suzettes and filet minion
Showed that girl what was going on
Well, listen up and let me say one thing to you
She got that steak and my money too

Fade out

Yeah I once had rings and blings and all that kinda stuff……I had it goin’ on……Now I ain’t got no Money…….
Look right there, there she goes drivin’ by in my Cadillac

You know that ain’t right… Come back here that’s my car….com on back…get your ass back…. An I ain’t believing this..


"These Blues Are For You"

Set List

1. One Trick Pony (4:08)
2. She Got My Money Too (4:26)
3. Turn that God Damn Thing Down (3:34)
4. You're Alright (3:12)
5. The Bauxhall Stroll (2:56)
6. Please Take Me Home (3:21)
7. Walkin' Away (3:18)
8. I Don't Care (3:53)
9. Won't You Shimmy That Way (2:56)
10.Bobby's Blues (2:25)