Mike Dean

Mike Dean


Creative, compelling, passionate, eclectic, and energetic. Drawing from influences like Jon McLaughlin, Gavin DeGraw, Nathan Angelo, Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, and Andy Davis, Mike has managed to write songs with punctual lyrics, and catchy melodic hooks. Music is as much a part of him as breathing.


Mike Dean is an eccentric up and coming talent out of Anderson, Indiana. As a young boy, Mike pursued classical piano and fine-tuned his craft of playing an performing. After graduating high school, he began writing songs and performing them for growing audiences. The ears were beginning to turn his way.

In the fall of 2008, Mike released his first EP, Songs for Me, from You, to approved critique. But he was only getting started. Starting in November, he got in the studio again. And in April of 2009, Mike's new EP, Closer to Eternity, should be out for sale.


Closer to Eternity - April 2009

Set List

My typical set list consists of mainly originals and usually one or two covers, ranging from the music of Jon McLaughlin to Dave Barnes to Gavin DeGraw.

Here is a typical set list:
1) Walk Away - Mike Dean
2) Jericho - Mike Dean
3) Lover, You Should've Come Over - Jeff Bucklet
4) Peace - Mike Dean
5) Tell Me Doctor - Mike Dean
6) Stronger Than Most - Mike Dean
7) Good Love is On the Way - John Mayer
8) Indiana Sunset - Mike Dean
9) It Will Be Light - Mike Dean
10) Belief - Gavin DeGraw
11) I Love You - Mike Dean