Mike Dean Band

Mike Dean Band


Country music with an edge. The dirt of Texas country mixed with the swamp and saltwater of south Louisiana. If George Strait and Bruce Springsteen were to bear a band, it would be the Mike Dean band. Mike writes about friends, family, life, love, lack of, and the band bangs out the 1-4-5's.


I play music because I am a fan of music. Everything I've ever been interested in has led me to try it, I can't just watch someone else do it. I started out playing cover songs by myself in small bars, and now here I am with a band that I consider some of my closest friends, two albums, and hundreds of shows under our belt with just as many good times. I'll be playing music as long as its fun, as long as I'm writing songs, and as long as people keep singing along. Hope to put out 2 albums in '07. I get asked all the time about "someday" and "when I make it". My goal when I started was to write, sing, play, have fun, and always try to get the music out to more people who want to hear it. That is "making it" to me. I've made whatever "it" is!


Hours Later
Must Have Had A Good Time

Set List

Originals -
Bottle Goes Down
Delta Highway
Even the Gulf
Dusty Trigger
Cash Conversation
Cities on the River
Bus Blues
Whiskey Brown
200 lb. Linebacker
Me and Joe
the Veteran
Broken Spanish
Jenny's Band
Pat Green's bass player
(new originals are played from time to time)

Covers -(cover list varies quite considerably, but these are some of our standards that always go over well, we are noted often for putting our own "spin" on cover songs)

Up on Cripple Creek-the Band
the Weight-the Band
Aint No Sunshine-Bill Withers
the Ride-David Allen Coe
Guitar Town-Steve Earle
Blues Man-Hank Williams,Jr.
Folsom Prison Blues-Johnny Cash
Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?-Waylon Jennings
Driving My Life Away-Eddie Rabbit
Trudy-Charlie Daniels
Longhaired Country Boy-Charlie Daniels
Dead Flowers-the Rolling Stones
Dancin in the Dark-Bruce Springsteen
Stay Here and Drink-Merle Haggard
Whiskey Bent and hellboun