Mike Diplomat

Mike Diplomat


Wearing multiple shades of rock and pop, Mike Diplomat is acoustic rock played with a devil may care attitude.


Mike Diplomat has a history of performing in the Boston area. He has played venues such as Paradise Lounge, The Middle East, The Linwood, Kendall Café, and The Attic, filling many of those clubs to capacity with his former band the Misprints. He has also shared the stage with many regional acts, including Baby Strange, Mark Cutler, Elcodrive, Labb, The Good North, Dresden Dolls, The Stereobirds, and Fire In The Boathouse. In addition to playing music, Mike Diplomat is also a staff writer for the Noise.


"Six Hard Drinks" and "War in Texas" have received significant radio airplay.

Set List

Do it Again, Unlikely, Six Hard Hrinks, War in Texas, All the Rest, Driving Back from Memphis, Wrongside, Crescendo

These songs reprent a sampling of Mike Diplomat origional song titles. Mike Diplomat also performs covers ranging from Jonhny Cash and The Replacements to the Jayhawks. Several pop songs often make their way into the set. Each is performed with Diplomat's unique americana feel.

Set times are usually 50 minutes, but Mike Diplomat can play up to two hours. A ten to twelve song schedule is typical for a club show. In pub envirornments, Mike Diplomat performs longer. Mike Diplomat is an origional act who pays homage to those who have come before.