Mike Dougherty

Mike Dougherty


Mike brings a fresh new sound to the oversaturated music scene, bringing in a sound using soul, r&b, rock, and funk and bringing them all together to make his own music. With his voice hitting the ranges of Robert Plant(Led Zeppelin) to Marvin Gaye, everyone has something to love about him.


Continuously growing as a musician, Mike has put his true thoughts and words on paper and is currently working on a solo album. The album due to be out Spring 2011, will showcase Mike’s vocal talent and song writing. Trying to break free of today’s artist, Dougherty’s album will include soul, funk, R&B, and rock with a fresh new taste to appeal to all ages. Mike is currently singing with the Woody Browns Project and performing solo acoustic shows working with a new back-up band to help spread his words of love, happiness and global issues.


Free Live Show:

Debut Album to be released Spring 2011.