MIKE-E and AfroFlow

MIKE-E and AfroFlow

 Detroit, Michigan, USA
BandHip HopWorld

MIKE-E is a spoken word and hip hop artist that has been captivating the nation with his mesmerizing lyrics and powerful performances. Driven by energetic beats and strong messages, MIKE-E creates an unforgettable experience.


MIKE-E is a Hip-hop and Spoken Word recording artist, songwriter, producer and actor. MIKE-E was born in Ethiopia, where he supports orphan outreach and healthcare programs, while maintaining nationwide recognition with one of that country's most popular hits, "Ethiopia (Everything Will Be Alright)." The song gained popularity in the United States when it was remixed and used in President Barack Obama’s campaign for the White House. The Detroit-based lyricist is recognized for repeat performances on HBO's Def Poetry Jam and for teaming with the American Cancer Society to orchestrate and headline the nationwide AfroFlow Tour — a live music concert and groundbreaking cancer awareness initiative.

Acknowledging Hip-hop’s indigenous roots and an array of world music, MIKE-E’s innovative style, AfroFlow, is simply an approach to making music, which recognizes Africa as the earthly birthplace of humankind and artistic articulation. MIKE-E’s first album entitled "AfroFlow" is characterized by mesmerizing intercultural performances - from the trance-inducing beats of "Warrior’s Rhythm," "Ethiopia (Everything Will Be Alright)" and "Aleho (U Lovin’ Me)" to the soulful expression of encouragement for young people in "Eye See U." Following the 2007 release of this album, MIKE-E launched the AfroFlow Tour with a group of talented musicians and performers, reaching wildly diverse audiences across the country.

MIKE-E performs his energetic hip-hop/world music for crowds of all ages and ethnicities, often involving audience members as part of the show. Unless physically unable, no one remains seated at a MIKE-E concert. His delivery is sufficiently edgy to reach young people while at the same time being family friendly. Unmistakably unique, AfroFlow is devoid of the violence and language often associated with much of today’s popular music. In addition to the broad-based audiences he reaches through the AfroFlow Tour, MIKE-E plays concert dates at culturally diverse venues and events around the world, including among others, the Festival of Pan African Dance/FESPAD (Kigali, Rwanda), Chicago African World Festival, Ethiopian Sports and Cultural Festival (RFK Stadium - Washington, D.C. / Spartan Stadium - San Jose, California), the American Cancer Society Medal of Honor Awards (The Waldorf Astoria – New York, NY), Detroit African World Festival, and Club CalNeva’s La Tomatina en Reno (Reno, Nevada). With acting credits that span film, theater and television, MIKE-E also works alongside the NBA and the New York Knicks to host the annual NY Knicks Poetry Slam. Held at the New Amsterdam Broadway Theater in 2010, the citywide poetry competition rewards winners with college scholarships, prize money, computers and additional educational accessories.

In Fall 2010, MIKE-E released his sophomore album, “AfroFlow II.” Like the first AfroFlow episode, the powerful 13-track CD provokes thought, invokes passion and generates excitement from start to finish. The first single and video, "Stamina," firmly sets the tone for the intensity of the project. The song is an energetic hard-hitter that challenges the modern material driven “thug life” to which some impressionable people misguidedly aspire. MIKE-E forcefully maintains that stamina supersedes all swagger. A hybrid of 70s soul and pulsating drums, "Let Me Fly" is as uniquely catchy as they come, with the lyrical content to match its infectious horns and heavy bass lines. "Hard Enuff 2 Smile" is yet another compelling track with a hypnotic beat and impassioned lyrics, illustrating that a worthy life is one in which a person is willing to die for his or her beliefs. Without question, “AfroFlow II” is aesthetically appealing, musically compelling, and poetically captivating … much like MIKE-E himself.


"AfroFlow" by MIKE-E and AfroFlow, released in 2007 by Wendemé Creative.
"AfroFlow II" by MIKE-E and AfroFlow, to be released in 2010 by Wendemé Creative.

Set List

INTRO: DJ Invisible
1. AfroFlow
2. Stamina
3. Bet Em Up
4. Get Into This
5. Make 'Em Feel It
6. Hard Enuff 2 Smile
7. Hope Over Hatred (Acoustic)
8. Sowandé Rock The Beat (Djembe Solo)
9. The Get Down
10. Let Me Fly
11. Ethiopia (Everything Will Be Alright)
12. Warrior's Rhythm

Depending on time, the venue and audience, MIKE-E does a spoken word set that includes poems like “Mezeker Means to Remember” and “Yohannes.”