Mike Erickson Band

Mike Erickson Band


The avant-funk/rock orgy of soulful grooves and infectious melodies.


With the release of their self-titled debut CD in September 2006, the Mike Erickson Band is a constantly evolving musical experience and serves as an excellent introduction to Erickson’s songwriting prowess.

The Mike Erickson Band is clearly not your average jam band. With a long list of influences including the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane, Modeski Martin and Wood, John Schofield, Wes Montgomery, Led Zeppelin, Carlos Santana and Blind Melon, Erickson’s music is constantly evolving. Blending numerous genres while giving equal emphasis to ‘the song’ and ‘the jam’, the music of The Mike Erickson Band appeals to a wide range of listeners.

In 2000, the chain of events that would eventually lead to The Mike Erickson Band were set into motion. Having realized that art school wasn't the right road, Erickson began studying under former Berklee College of Music professor, Craig Najjar. Soon, every preconception Erickson held of what being a successful musician is about, was challenged. Spending endless hours each day on the guitar, transcribing solos that seemed impossible, writing and rewriting song after song, the sound of MEB began to form. Weekends were spent in band rooms, and bars creating new ideas, reinventing old ones, and taking songs to places that once seemed impossible.

After several bands that couldn't satisfy Erickson's thirst for playing real music at all costs, auditions and rehearsals began for recording his debut cd. Finding some of the best musical talent in the area to play behind his guitar work, Erickson's songs took on a life of there own. Under the watchfull eye of Najjar, each track was meticulously recorded and performed in Mix One Studios in Boston by engineer Ted Padduck, then sent to NYC to be mixed and mastered by the best ears in the business: Mike O'Reilly (who engineered for the likes of Eric Clapton, BB King, Aretha Franklin, along with many other industry legends) and Angelo Montrone in Majestic Studio at Avatar Studios.

Today, the ground work has been laid, the band has been formed, the music recorded, people are starting to notice. With a deep repertoire of originals, classic covers, and standards, The Mike Erickson Band is versatile enough to play a short 45 minute set to stretching out and playing for hours, keeping you grooving the whole time.


Mike Erickson Band - Mike Erickson Band

Set List


Norwegian Mating Calls
Mixed Bag
Funk it Slow
Cereal and Underwear
Suburban Fiesta
Fuzzy Love
Sticky Wednesday
Slow B
Crackhouse BLues
Three Legged Beast
Chocolate Salty
Bob the Transvestite
The Shack
Monkey Dance

+Covers (abbreviated list):

Watermelon Man - Herbie Hancock
Starsky & Hutch Theme
Barney Miller Theme
Inspector Gadget Theme
Frankenstein - Edgar winter
Pass the Peas - James Brown
Chank - John Scofield/MMW
Pungee - The Meters
Back in Effect - Lettuce
Cissy Strut - The Meters
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy - Zawinul
Road Song - Wes Montgomery
Mr. PC - John Coltrane
Flight of the Bumblebee (funk version)
Little Wing - Hendrix