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"Mike Ethan Messick "Bootlegger's Turn" review"

"Great," I thought as the first song played, "another gravel-voiced Texan." But I was soon drawn in by the catchy melodies and engaging lyrics. Add well-executed instrumentation and you have one really good record. - Texas Music Times

"This month’s recommended album: Mike Ethan Messick-Bootlegger’s Turn"

Poor Messick is often just best-known as being “that guy who wrote ‘Everclear’ for Roger Creager…” Fortunately, there is much more to his artistic substance. On Bootlegger’s Turn, his voice evokes classic Steve Earle and his songwriting paints the gritty, authentic landscapes the Texas Music scene was built upon. Tunes like “Kings of Juarez”, “American Steel”, and “Eyes of Love” would sound equally at home on a Walt Wilkins or John Mellencamp record. Check this one out if you haven’t… - www.galleywinter.com - Brad's Corner

"Dave Wheaton's Blog"

There is something about this CD that has carved a niche for Mike Ethan in the Texas Music genre. It’s immediately evident from the opening track, “American Steel” all the way to track 12, “Raven” that he draws from his influences growing up in a home that embraced the Outlaws of the ‘70’s, but whips it to the present with a definite Red Dirt delivery. Add to it some hometown Springsteen/Mellencamp Pop-Rock flavor, and a touch of Americana-Folk, and you have Mike Ethan Messick.

It may seem like Bootlegger’s Turn can be made out to be a little sloppy. But it’s not. Not even close. Messick went out and put together a band that plays like they have known each other all their lives. Bandmates Aaron Holt and Stormy Cooper produced the CD, and I don’t think their effort can be improved upon.

When I think of a debut CD, my first assumption is that it will be good, diverse songs (likely the best songs the artist has written over several years), but the music tends to be shallow and one-dimensional, and by the middle of the CD, my attention will be lost. This one breaks the mold. Bootlegger’s Turn has passed over the immature stage and moved Mike Ethan Messick into a position to accumulate fans, and to make music critics take notice. Texas radio has plenty to choose from here as well.

Just imagine what could happen if Mike Ethan actually manages to improve on Bootlegger’s Turn.

- www.cominghometx.com


ALBUM: Bootlegger's Turn (2007), Wonder World Drive (scheduled for release in Summer '09)

SINGLES: American Steel (2007), Kings Of Juarez (2007), Crazy About Me (2008)



A lifelong fan of classic country and rock & roll, Mike Ethan Messick started finding his voice as a singer/songwriter during his college days, knocking around open mics and finding that his original songs clicked with listeners of all ages and backgrounds, especially (and this was important) his fellow songwriters. He learned his craft in an environment where independent-minded songwriters were starting to pack Texas venues with fans that preferred the mix of downhome grit and wit provided by homegrown artists like Robert Earl Keen, Jack Ingram, and Reckless Kelly. Adding the influence of the new scene to his still-developing style (already influenced by before-his-time classics like Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Creedence Clearwater Revival), Messick graduated from open mics to paid gigs, sometimes solo and sometimes with a louder-than-you'd-expect backing band. Learning something at every gig, and occasionally raising his stock with a high-profile opening gig or a recording by another artist (regional star Roger Creager made Messick's "The Everclear Song" an anthem for rowdy fans across Texas), the young artist plugged along until he put together enough cash to finance his 2007 debut CD, Bootlegger's Turn. Despite limited promotional resources, the album became an underground favorite of sorts, scoring radio play in College Station, Austin, San Antonio, and other markets as well as becoming a hot request on Internet radio stations like RadioFreeTexas.org. New fans and fellow musicians lauded the CD as a new favorite, finding much to like in Messick's earnest vocals and knack for musical storytelling. Emboldened by the success of Bootlegger's Turn and enriched by a burst of new original material, he'll be back in the studio this spring to follow up his freshman effort with something even bigger and better.