Mike Evin

Mike Evin


"Unexpected and immaculate melodies ... honest and poignant humour - refreshing music."



Fresh from the woods and famous strip clubs of Montreal, Canada, comes a new singer/songwriter: MIKE EVIN.

Currently making waves in Montreal, Toronto, and New York City, Mike’s piano-based music is a unique extension of the tradition inhabited by Rufus Wainwright and Ron Sexsmith: thoughtful, clever, and heartfelt songs. With a voice reminiscent of Freddie Mercury, Mike’s songs recall the melodies of Randy Newman, Harry Nilsson, and Brian Wilson, all the while evoking the spirit of New Orleans greats Jelly Roll Morton and James Booker.

At the age of eight, Mike began taking piano lessons and writing songs. Ten years later, Mike decided to take his music to the people – so he began performing around his hometown.

In 2001, Mike released his independent debut, THE JANUARY MUSE, and captured the ears of music lovers from California to the Canadian Maritimes. The album has been played on college radio stations in Canada and the U.S. Shortly after its release, Mike and his backing band performed rigorously around Montreal. Wherever their paths led, dozens of new fans jumped on board. Word of mouth began to spread amongst Montreal’s college crowd about Mike’s wild and unpredictable shows with his band.

Some cool people’s ears were captured. When fellow Canadian songwriter ANDY CREEGGAN (BARENAKED LADIES, THE BROTHERS CREEGGAN) received Mike’s album through a mutual friend, a musical bond was formed. Andy promptly invited Mike to open up for the Brothers Creeggan, shortly after which they both ventured down to New York to take part in a songwriters’ showcase. An unstoppable musical team was born.

Believing in Mike’s new material, Andy took him into a Toronto studio to lay down tracks for a three-song demo – which Andy produced himself. The duo was rounded out by Andy’s talented older brother JIM CREEGGAN (BARENAKED LADIES, THE BROTHERS CREEGGAN), who willingly played double-bass. After the first day of recording, the three of them went out for Indian food, glowing like school-kids who had just discovered a treasure chest of gold. The new songs are fun and feature tight production and imaginative musical arrangements.

In concert, Mike currently likes to keep things stripped down to voice and piano, and he derives his chief passion through performing and delivering a personal, heartfelt show. Some of the stages Mike has graced are: Café Campus in Montreal, The Living Room in New York City, and Graffiti’s in Toronto. In addition, Mike has played at industry showcases like the New York Songwriters’ Circle at the legendary Bitter End, the BMI Acoustic Roundup at The Living Room (of Norah Jones fame), and NEMO in Boston. His performances range from gospel-style handclapping vamps (“Radio Jockey Witness Protection Program Dance”) to extended piano solos (“Caribou”) to pure narrative-based musical comedy (“Stripper In My Car”).

Despite his growing successes in New York, Mike continues to play sold-out shows at his favourite venue: the historic Yellow Door in Montreal (training ground for Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, Bruce Cockburn, and Rufus Wainwright, among others).

Mike is continuing to demo new materiel with Andy Creeggan and is hoping to complete a full-length album for 2004 Christmas release.


Stripper In My Car

Written By: Mike Evin

You know I love you, darling
And I'm crazy 'bout the kids
But all my friends got Harleys
And I never did
So I went to town
And I bought myself a bar
And I'll have another round
for ...

The stripper in my car
Stripper in my car
Tonight, tonight, tonight

We had some Vietnamese food
I saved you a Tonkin soup
Now we're going to do what feels good
See, I keep you in the loop
And if you still can bend
Like you did in Julliard
Then I want you to be friends
with ...


You know I love you, babe
And we made it fine this far
But I already have paid
for ...



2001 - THE JANUARY MUSE (LP, Independent)
2003 - STRIPPER IN MY CAR (EP, Promo)

Set List

Mike plays mostly his original songs. Occasionally, he will throw in an old blues, jazz, or country standard, or one of his favourites from the 60's and 70's.

Mike's typical set runs 45-90 minutes and includes these songs:


"Stripper In My Car"
"Wait For The Tea To Steep"
"My Stoop"
"Stay Gritty"
"The Most Dangerous Bear In The World"
"Danish Bullies"
"Radio Jockey Witness Protection Program Dance"
"Our New Sneakers"
"Crash Here"
"Sloopy's Serenade"
"Slums With Cameras"
"Grandpa Was A Baptist"
"Soapbox Racer"
"Long Period Of Time"
"Photograph Of You"
"If I Were A Farmer"
"The Lord Writes All The Ragtime Songs"


"With A Girl Like You" by the Troggs
"Lulu's Back In Town" by Fats Waller
"I Truly Understand That You Love Another Man" traditional