Mike Evin

Mike Evin


Ragtime rock for the romantics.


It happened in a house over the summer of 2004.
Montreal songwriter MIKE EVIN finally had the chance to make the album he's wanted to make for years.

The heroes of this story are brothers JIM and ANDY
CREEGGAN (Barenaked Ladies, The Brothers Creeggan). Back in 2001, they heard Mike's demo THE JANUARY MUSE. Mike and the brothers forged a friendship that eventually led to Jim funding Mike's debut album, I'LL BRING THE STEREO.

Recorded at Jim's house in Toronto, I'LL BRING THE
STEREO was co-produced by The Brothers Creeggan and features notable guest musicians Tyler Stewart and Kevin Hearn (Barenaked Ladies), Kurt Swinghammer (Ani DiFranco, Sarah Slean), Gary Breit (Bryan Adams), David Matheson (Moxy Frovous), and Rob Carli (Toronto Symphony Orchestra). The album was mixed in Hollywood
by legendary engineer JIM SCOTT (Red Hot Chili
Peppers, Tom Petty).

With I'LL BRING THE STEREO, the Creeggans have taken Mike's whimsical piano-based songs and dressed them up with an assortment of colours - borrowing elements from country, new-wave, power-pop, funk, cabaret, Broadway, rhythm & blues, and classical. All the while, Mike's
"unexpected and immaculate melodies" and
"honest and poignant humour" glue the songs together.


Stripper In My Car

Written By: Mike Evin

You know I love you, darling
And I'm crazy 'bout the kids
But all my friends got Harleys
And I never did
So I went to town
And I bought myself a bar
And I'll have another round
For ...

The stripper in my car
Stripper in my car
Tonight, tonight, tonight

We had some Vietnamese food
I saved you a Tonkin soup
Now, we're going to do what feels good
See, I keep you in the loop
And if you still can bend
Like you did in Julliard
Then I want you to be friends
With ...


You know I love you, babe
And we made it fine this far
But I already have paid
For ...




Set List

The songs on I'LL BRING THE STEREO, Mike's latest album, are:

"Stay Gritty"
"Stripper In My Car"
"Danish Bullies"
"Soapbox Racer"
"Wait For The Tea To Steep"
"Long Period Of Time"
"There's A Chance"
"Slums With Cameras"
"Crash Here"
"If You Were My Girl"