Mike Federali

Mike Federali

 Norfolk, Virginia, USA

Mike Federali is The Jayhawks, The Pixies, The Beatles all wrapped up in one devilishly handsome man.


I grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico and moved to the states sometime in the early 80s. As a kid I found a mix tape with songs from The Beatles' White Album on one side and most of Abbey Road on the other. It had no name on it and I treated it like gold. From that moment I remember writing little songs the way you do when you are a kid, but unlike most other kids I knew, I didn't stop.

In high school grunge hit like a tidalwave and suddenly, just like with the punk movement, everyone wanted to be a musician. I bounced around from various garage bands but never taking a stage until I started my own band just as I got out of the Army. I taught my good friend Adam bass and we hit little venues as a two piece with about a million different names. Good times.

I met Kevin in a European History class in college. He had a Ben Harper t-shirt on and this to me meant he was cool. Cooler still was the fact that he played congas (the tall ones not bongos) and was interested in seeing us play. He came out to a performance and after a few shows on congas bought a drumkit and we started performing as The Houses, The Whiskey Flowers and then The Heavy Sleepers. I always had a fondness for "The" in a band name.

We recorded most an album that never saw the light of day at a studio we eventually took to court. Time passed and we recorded an 8 song ep with Mark Padgett of Mae. To this day some believe they got their name from our song of the same name. I don't know how true that is, but an interesting coincidence.

More time passed and we played in our mini-scene with bands like Anti-Violet, Rusty James loved the Motorcycle Boy, Counterfeit Molly and Luckytown. Good times.

Eventually it came time to record something bigger and better and this led us to the famed Sound of Music Studios in Richmond Va owned by Cracker frontman David Lowery. We recorded with Brian Paulson, a great producer who shared our "live feel" ideals. Brian had worked with Wilco, The Jayhawks, Superchunk and was the perfect person to get behind the board for what became Federali: The Great American Novel.

The album was dubbed "a great introduction by an even greater band" and received glowing reviews from critics.

The band eventually parted ways, but I kept writing songs. Lots of them. In 2007 I took on a song a day project and played shows with The Violent Femmes, Matt White, The Stills and The Polphonic Spree.



Written By: Mike Federali

I want to wake up
next to you
more often
than I do

My bed misses you
My bed misses you
And I do too

I want to hold you
and tell you lies
and never


The Great American Novel 2004
Vanished Cage single 2004
Wheels single 2004

Lace Up single 2007

Set List

Originals: Typically a one hour set on the road. Acoustic sets also.

Bad Girls
He's the one you want...not me
Lace Up
Miss You
Sleep Well Michelle
Good In It All
Black Shoes
Starting 2 Forgive U
The Only
Long Black Dress

Big Time Emergency
Love House Spy
Vanished Cage
Black Cadillac
Freight Train
Be My Dulcinea

Typically one or two per show.
Sexual Healing
Don't Know Why
She Drives Me Crazy
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You