Mike Feez

Mike Feez

 Arlington, Texas, USA
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(You-Tuber?Blogger?Radio Host?Unsigned Artist?Self-Made Business Man)my name is Michael Foster aka Mike Feez i am a artist from Waco Tx reside in the DFW Area of Texas i been rapping since I was 12 i got a lot to bring to the table as well as the entertainment industry. A new style music a new voice and most of all new way of thinking. Its alot i need to learn and its alot i haved learned but im willing to do whatever it takes to be on top if thats getting no sleep and staying up on the grind. "Im A ONE MAN BAND TEAM" which means i do everything by my self from writing music 2 promoting my self i have nothing to lose so i will not lose with that said the past is behind me so im putting the future ahead of me which is music. I do more than rap so that makes me more than music, music is going to get me where im headed where is that only GOD knows. Remember my name because you will see and hear about me BELIEVE IT OR NOT "You Talking Bout Money Then You Talking bout Feez" "You Talking Bout Feez You Talking Bout Me"
4booking contact: mikef33z@gmail.com

Birthday: Jan 6, 1990
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