Mike Florio

Mike Florio

 Yorktown Heights, New York, USA
SoloRockClassic Rock


With musical tastes ranging from classic and progressive rock to various flavors of electronic and soundtrack music, Mike brings a unique touch and perspective to every project he takes on. He has released three solo albums to date, and has contributed lead vocals, keyboards and songwriting to a number of collaborations with other artists.

"Florio is like a secret weapon waiting to happen to an established successful band who has lost a member and needs a shot of creativity..." - John Eargle, Supernal Endgame

"He really has not sought the limelight, but if he wanted to do it he would be one of the big names in our genre." - Mike Visaggio, Kinetic Element


Reconcile (2014, LP - solo album)
Artifacts Volume 1 (2013, LP - solo album)
Arisen (2006, LP - solo album)
Flying Dark (2018, 2 singles w/ Flying Dark - vocals/keys)
The Trail of Tears Suite (2017, LP w/ Vertical Alignment - vocals/songwriting)
Travelog (2015, LP w/ Kinetic Element - vocals 1 track)
The Walk (2015, LP w/ The Walk - organ solo 1 track)
Ichabod (2014, single w/ Visual Cliff - keyboards)
Long Way to Mars (2013, LP w/ Canvas - vocals/synth/songwriting on title track)
CPR 4 (2011, compilation LP - 1 song - w/ Visual Cliff - keyboards)
Collective Spirit (2011, LP, w/ Visual Cliff - keyboards)
Native Son (2010, single w/ Vertical Alignment - vocals/songwriting/keyboards)
Lost in Space (2010, LP w/ Vertical Alignment - vocals 1 track, synth solo 1 track, 1 song)
CPR 3 (2008, compilation LP - 1 song)
Progressive Rock Hall of Fame (2008, compilation LP - 1 song)